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How to Get Rid of Roaches for GOOD!!!

What the f---?! Why?! Why you gotta be all up in our grill?!

Why can't you just leave us alone?!

Why?! I f---ing hate you guys, this is a f---ing giant a-- cockroach!

It's moving! It's guts are all splattered and it's f---ing moving!

Hold this, gonna pick it up...

I need gloves!

It's like chopsticks!

MAN: Wait, wait, wait, don't drop it on my f---ing head!

That's... f---ing gross!

I don't swear, but I will swear when it comes to a roach that is... THIS big.

Trick it ain't even Halloween... not for a few more days...

I was supposed to do a tutorial... on my Halloween getup, and you came!

Uninvited, to MY party! You don't pay rent, who invited you?!


So this method was shared with me by my in-laws.

They have... solved the secret.

I feel like everyone in Washington Heights has figured out the secret

to annihilate New York roaches... except the rest of New York City.

So I'm sharing it with you here. But this is another league.

Giant roaches--they're not even, I guess they're not even called roaches. They're called water bugs?

Water bug sounds to friendly. You're a roach. Okay? You a giant roach.

Positive, Maya Let's be positive. Okay!

So, today we're going to... we. Who else?

Today I'm going to show you how to annihilate a New York City roach. Okay?

Follow me! Okay! Whoo hoo!

Just doin' their thing.

Now we just gotta take off... oh, they're hot!

Now we get our... roach killer.


It's still crummy, okay. So now we have to put more sugar.

It shouldn't flake apart like that.

Those roaches are smart, P.S.

That's why they've been around for as long as they have.

So now what you wanna do is put it in cupboards, corners and crevices,

that your pets cannot get to. Make sure your pets... this is out of reach--if you even have a pet, you know, be very cautious about that.

But you put them in places where they can't reach it.

And then they come out. Oh my God! OMG.

The roaches come out! And then they eat! Ahh!

And I remember wanting to kill one!

No! No, no! You eat!

Eat up!

Eat, so you can die.

A sweet, slow death.

That my chancleta doesn't offer.

So yeah. It's crazy because it is a roach party when they come out.

But then they're gone! There's--every last one of them are gone, you don't see one single roach!

And... maybe like, months later, when they--when the formula starts to wear off, all that stuff,

then you re-do it. But it's like, months. Months, possibly even a year. A full year.

I've done it for a full year before I saw a single roach.

And when that happens--and when they do start to come out, it's probably like a seasonal change.

It's like...

You know it's spring. That's when they like to thaw out from the frost.

And... fall. Like, those times.

Anyways! Those are my two cents.

I hope you try it out. I hope it works out for you.

I would like to find out about your roach tales.

So, if you've got any, if you're from New York or wherever you're from,

please note it below in the comments. And tell me where you're from and tell me a creepy, gross tale...

about roaches. Here and on my blog. okay?