get rid

One Genius way of getting rid of crawling Insects 🐜 🕷 out of your house

there's nothing more annoying than

saying this crawling creatures living

rent-free in your house we're gonna find

a way to get rid of them today and we

have one genius weed that we can assure

you because living with the spider and

and especially cockroaches is water

cannot stand they have their own life to

live so dishes the outside not in my

house so these are the ingredients that

we're gonna use to get rid of them we're

gonna need a boric acid two to four egg

yolks and two to three spoonfuls of

sugar all this and Saturday loved your

sugar so we're gonna mix the sugar mix

all of them together

and they're gonna become a paste so this

our what it look like the boric acid is

the one on your left the two eggs are we

gonna use sugar and then we're gonna do

it so that you see the with meat and you

can apply it and pull it the paste and

their part which they're gonna carry to

their nest and this we get rid of them

and they won't come back to your house

and bother you again

so stay tuned so how we gonna make the

paste when you finish making the pesto

make sure you are very careful you have

to make sure the paste are far away from

your dog cat or whatever that you might

have a home because it might be harmful

to them what we wanna get rid are they

annoying insects not our loving pets so

these are the ingredients needed as

highlighted earlier so you have the

boric acid which you can get at a

drugstore or pharmacy that's what you

call it in

country I got my two eggs and I have the

sugar then I have the container which

I'm gonna use today but I'm gonna have

to throw it out when I finish using it

because I don't want my pet you know to

touch it and cause a trouble

so the first thing I'm gonna do is check

the sugar and take about two to three

spoonful of the sugar of said earlier so

one three and I'm gonna have to tell you

egg yolk I'll take the yolk out of my

egg right so you just throw that and the


you do the same chin to the second one

all we need out of the egg is just you

and then you can't open the boric acid

and take about here two to three or even

four I'm gonna use four spoonful to all

make the paste and then we make sure you

close the rest of the Veritas seat stop

eating and and our safe place

Boris acid is actually good to have a

home because is a topical antiseptic and

nitrogen which you can use to clean a

minor chord or boil so it's not that

it's not something that you're gonna

true a week after burn it I think I've

paid about probably six dollars and

believe our bodies were not warm at six

dollars which you can see used you know

in the house in case you have a cut or

you have anything to be used for later

so I'm gonna put that aside and then

we're gonna make mix all this together

until they become up it becomes a piece

you can tell for the sugar be careful

make sure you have your gloves on it's

not that is all that dangerous for human

but mostly for pet you don't want that

and that's it it is so simple to do and

now we make you get rid of those

freeloaders that are called hands spider

and specially cockroaches I am so

fortunate that I don't have any

cockroaches in my house but I went to a

friend's house not too long ago and I'm

not gonna lie to you it is so gross and

I've been looking for ways to get rid of

this MF and Seth since then and it's not

even only your whole house we went to

UAE a while ago and we rented a hotel

which I actually posted a video on my on

the platform I would put a link of that

video to you or gonna upload something

about hotels it doesn't matter the

matter how expensive do tell my did he

tell us a lot about this particular one

we got in there it was a cockroach Edith

it's not about funny

in wait the cockroach's birthday and

since then I've made up my mind when I

have the time one day I'm gonna make a

video about it and I did a research and

I don't see any one that actually show

how they Stannis need so that's why I

said I am gonna make it and I'm gonna

show it to us so we can do the same and

that can help us get rid of this insect

that we don't need in the house so it

goes you can tell it's already a paste

and in my last clip I'm gonna show how

I'm gonna put it underneath the sink

like I said you know I'm lucky I don't

have a cockroach well sometimes I'm sure

I believe I do have up the spider so I'm

sure the spider we take it and then it's

gonna be by back to them cuz I don't I

don't need a mop I don't I don't I don't

need them to deliver in my house

rent-free so for people that have

especially cockroaches if you leave and

now an apartment buildings sometimes

there's not that you could do you could

be as clean as you are but what about

your neighbors if your neighbors are not

claimed is absolutely nothing you can do

about it so here is a piece as I said

earlier with a help of the sugar the

boric acid

and the egg yolk so this is the hand


oh they paint so when it's done is going

to look like a play-doh does the name I

was trying to remember that kids always

play which and they take a lick in

kindergarten so you can see is already

become a paste and you can just mold it

and put it and the ends of the

cockroach's part they will definitely

take them to the Annette or to their

nest and as time goes on you will be

amazed that you will not find this

creatures in your house anymore

so that's what it's gonna look like so

let's recap it has boric acid I used to

add York I'm a sugar that's it very

simple next clip I'm gonna show how I'm

gonna put them under the sink and I'm

sure if you can do this for a couple of

times you will be able to carried of all

these annoying insects that we don't

need in the house

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until next time bye bye