get rid


what's up guys want to show you

something ever since this rain started

coming and everything I've been dealing

with like ants and you know sometimes

poetically roaches here and there but

there was at one time I had roaches it

was like these little German roaches and

I could not get rid of them and you know

to call an exterminator you got to keep

them joke was coming back so I found

something that actually works and I'm

getting ready to explain it to you

and I'll show you how to make it and

everything I did not come up with this

it's the old school remedy but let me

tell you this stuff works check it out

now this morning when I woke up I

realized that you know I started seeing

ants in my bathroom and I'm just like

what why do I have ence but here's the

weird thing it was just like okay so I

got ants now I knew what to do and I

have ran out of this stuff I would say

probably about a couple months ago

because I haven't seen anything this is

how good this stuff works but check this

out I'm gonna show you something I mean

I don't think I can spin this camera

around so i'ma hit stop and then I'm

gonna go to another video so you could

see what's going on so now what it is

look at that see that it's crazy right I

missed it and look there it didn't mean

a little line and what they're doing is

they're carrying that stuff back to

their coming out

out of the bathroom all right so that's

crazy right now I put something right

here because what they was doing I had

put some over here by my sink see that

right there and put some right there I'm

joking still eating but what they were

doing is they were making like a a line

that went all the way around it's all

okay so let me I'll cut these jokers

trip off so I put it here all right and

there's another spot that I have in

houma i'ma hit pause stop right now okay

so now I'm in the kitchen and there's

another one I'm sure you can't really

see it let me see if I could zoom in

there you go focus focus okay there they

go now these are some different little

ants right now it's kind of crazy now

that this is in my kitchen now hang on

alright so the funny thing is it was

just like what what but we in Florida so

it rains all the time so it's like you

know roaches come out ants come out but

I got something for these jokers and I'm

getting ready to share it with y'all so

get your notebook and a pen cuz we might

go in let me show you what you're going

to need I gotta hit pause again there is

the remedy folks what you're gonna need

is some boric acid I got the hot shot

now they have some better spear boric

acid works better and you got to need

some pure sugar and you're gonna need

some eggs and what you're gonna need is

the egg yolk from the eggs alright so

let me show you what the formula looks

like okay here we go this is what its

gonna look like it's gonna look like

play-doh so what you do is you put the

board with you get the egg yolks you

don't get the whites only the yolks you

you boil like four eggs and I mean this

is this is like a bowl that I got from

the Chinese restaurant

and you know I keep them all for a

reason and this works perfect but anyway

what you do is you put the four egg

yolks in there and you get the the boric

acid right and you sprinkle it on top

like a lot of it too not just a little

bit you put you put a lot you want to

saturate it pretty much and then you

squish it up really good right and then

once you have that in the mix you get a

chute already put the sugar up you pour

the sugar on top like a lot of sugar

like maybe a half a cup sometimes you

hit the independents I mean I think I

use maybe a half a cup index for four

egg yolks and maybe you know a cup of

the board acid if you know we want to

see him measured what half a cup I'm

sorry and what happens is is the sugar

attracts whatever insect to the egg yolk


now let me tell you when I have Jeremy

roaches man I used to keep bug spray

around and I could not get rid of them

like when you cook they used to come out

and stuff so I saw this song on the

internet so I made some right so I

switched it up just like the

instructions said it and um and let me

tell you I kid you not they'll come out

like all at once like you just saw the

video in my bathroom in and right here

in the kitchen right they all came out

at once it was like roaches I was just

like oh good I'm getting chilled bones

right now I'm just thinking about it

because I'm not a dirty person at all

especially you been to my house you'd be

like dang I can't believe we got roaches

but you know make a long story short

they came out and I'm telling you I did

this about a year ago and I have not

seen a German roots yet well I take that

back I did see one probably it was I

don't know maybe like three months ago

so what I did was I put the last in a

hand for my last batch in now put it

down and I haven't seen one since no lie

this stuff ain't no joke I promise you

you'll thank me later all right

so what it is is boric acid if you got

the 100% hold on all right

so again is boric acid 100% if you have


or the the hotshot ropes killing boric

acid and you get you a half a cup of

sugar 4 egg yolks boil eggs and get you

some egg yolks and like I just showed

you smoosh it up and it has to look like


all right yeah I mean I would recommend

putting gloves on so you won't get that

poison on your fingers and stuff you

know and whatever you mean you can put

it in your cabinets I did I have I have

it like up here in my cabinets I mean

well I can't really see it I can't get

in there right now because the camera is

backwards but I had it in my cabinets I

put it in you know the cupboards and

whatever you do don't put it to a place

where your dog can get to it because

it's poisonous and the dog would get

really sick you don't want that to

happen or any if you got a ferret or

whatever you had I don't know but I'm

just saying like put it in high places

and you'll see what I'm talking about

and like I said I guarantee you you're

gonna thank me later this is some I

don't know who came up with this but I

was just like I can't god I tried


except call the exterminator because I

caught one and I'm joking said it would

be a hundred dollars just for them to

come out so I saw this song it was on

the internet YouTube and the girl made

it and I was like what I got to lose

nothing I mean but that boric acid stuff

costs worth three dollars I already had

eggs and sugar so I went and did it and

I put it up and man let me tell you they

were gone everything well not everything

it was just roaches at the time but now

I have ants so I mean it's the same

concept you just saw what how those ants

went to that to the to the egg stuff

with the sugar in it and let me tell you

these ants are so strong that they were

breaking it off and carrying it up the

wall carry it up the wall into wherever

they were coming from you know so they

can take it back home so they can eat

well I hope you don't come back out and

I'm not worried about it like I said I

mean I'm I know probably by tonight

that's gonna be gone and I won't have to

worry about them for a long time because

they're gonna be scared to walk around

my house bleed that and another thing I


like I said you don't want to put that

um you know in the way so your dog or

whatever kind of animal you your cat

well cats can jump up on tables so if

you're gonna put it like it you know if

you have you put it under the covers or

if the cat getting play you don't want

it in the place where the animals can

get to it because I know cats they they

jump on people T while new but anyway

you get the point

try it leave um

leave a comment below man and let me

know if it work for you I mean if you

have this type of issue but you know

every now and then some somebody got

something in the house if they need to

get rid of and I'm telling you this

stuff right here is cheat and it works

trust me