get rid

This Kills Roaches forever fast in 2020

alright guys I'm gonna show you how to

get rid of a roach infestation using

just a handful of products very

inexpensively and a house on that was

just recently rented it's kind of like

an emergency situation they just had to

get out of the place they were that they

were just thrown into here so this

problems not completely theirs so I'm

going to help them get rid of the

infestation that they do have for just

these products now you don't necessarily

have to have any special type of peanut

butter I just use just type of peanut

butter here because it was cheap a

little bit of honey

honey's not really necessary but it's

always good to have a little bit

something more sweet that the bugs could

chew on you got to have this visually

give me an agreed Ian here then

necessary that name-brand but you gotta

have it this is what you're gonna use to

kill all of your bugs and this right

here gets into all the cracks and

crevices when you set it off inside of

their house alright so let me get the

mixing and your boric acid just put some

work acid inside here but boric acid

does it attaches itself to the bugs that

roaches Dave this is highly toxic to him

what he did was though get it on their

skin and believe it or not roaches are

very clean so they're always cleaning

themselves regularly so once they get it

on their feet or their paws or whatever

the hell you want to call those things

they actually they actually start

cleaning themselves by licking it off so

now what you do is to take that and you

mix it with a little bit of your peanut

butter oh yeah honey it's a little bit

difficult to do with one hand but we're

gonna make this happen for you

I always use the end of the year you

really don't need that much depending on

how bad your infestation is you're just

gonna go like this and take you a little

bit of this honey nothing special just

take your honey pour it inside any type

of cap it's just let that sit there for

a second no I think it's pretty thick

like I'm saying

the peanut butter doesn't have to be in

this mess but doesn't matter if it's

chunky or creamy or whatever this is

just regular peanut butter just edible

really is just a little bit of honey

don't have to go through far then you

take your boric acid and then you just

mix it all together done that mixture

should look something like this

and the consistency of it is pretty much

the same as peanut butter just a little

bit thicker which is good because what

you want you want the bugs to come over

and she wanted a step in it and things

like that so it gets all over them so

now what I'm gonna do is the reason you

don't have to put them inside of these

caps I put them in cast because of where

I'm putting them at you could actually

just put it right to the location almost

like the DeRay gel tubes that they have

I can see that they actually used some

right here

but the obviously they come back to

clean it up won't do anything else with

it my way is gonna work a lot better

because I am using the boric acid honey

and the peanut butter this should work

much faster much easier and what we're

gonna do is I'm gonna put these in place

and come back in one week to see how it

turned out

okay now that I have the caps in place

with the gel mixture that we made you're

gonna actually open this up and set a

couple tees off inside the house I

recommend doing these early in the

morning right after the kids go to

school right now it's uh I want to say

it's 10:30 at morning 10:30 hey oh these

are pretty simple to use what you do is

just give us open one hand your lungs -

I get back - out this works let's get

some water you fill it up to about here

she would align this you'd go a little

bit over it's not coming much of a

difference you just don't want to fill

it up because it just won't work the

right way and then you just take this

can and you just drop it in now I just

want you to know that you should not be

doing this way you have pets in the

house we're gonna have pets in the house

anytime soon

at least we're good three to four hours

I'm gonna put one in the e22 room sis

you in the house and it's gonna make a

big smoke screen inside of the house it

actually works really well at this along

with the gel mixture that I made Zacks

gonna kill a lot of bugs a lot of books

it not just kills roaches but it also

kills fleas water bugs and a couple

other things it says brown dog ticks

water bugs silverfish stink bugs

earwigs crickets I don't know about the

kill stink bugs or not I've never seen

anything that effectively killed stink

bugs Asian lady isn't lady beetles I

don't know about that either

but that's what it says but today we're

actually going for

we're going for the roach part that's

what we're looking to get so let's just

drop this inside of here and you'll see

remember make sure you don't have

anybody in the house because this right

here will definitely mess them up for a

while once you set it in there you have

time to actually walk away you actually

have time to leave the house well once

you start to smoke like this

and if you can get away as soon as

possible so you don't inhale honor this

stuff this is the first one I'm gonna go

put this in a different room and then

run back and set the rest of the doors I

mean the rest of the house and close the

doors don't inhale

I definitely don't drink it nothing

anybody would but I don't gawk so it's

been two weeks since I've been here I

was gonna do this in one week's time but

to get two weeks give a little bit of a

chance actually more to do something so

right now we're gonna move up this

refrigerator and check out the first

puck that we put down the gel stuff and

see how that works out


and this is what we have after two weeks

there's still some walking around down

here what you can see

mix it here pretty damn well if you're

looking at you see has got love

droppings it's been two weeks two weeks

without mixture


I think you know a lot in here special

mixture it works still good let's put

that back in there I'll get to the

coming and clean your stuff out I'm not

gonna do