get rid

How to get rid of Cockroach forever with Killer Boric Acid Roach Powder

today I going to show you some

interesting stuff that happens when you

rent out your apartment for tenants and

this tenants brought with them some

guests and apparently the guests started

growing their family and become out of

other hand well I'm talking about

cockroaches cockroach infestation in the

apartment so I had to do something about


and I did by the sticking pads for

cockroaches and put them all over the

place and I caught like thousands and

thousands of cockroaches

maybe not thousand at least few thousand

of cockroaches didn't didn't stop it

kept on growing and kept on increasing

and it started moving to other apartment

in this building so I had to come I

searched online and found out there is a

product called boric acid powder it is

very effective so far I have seen the

result and it is amazing how effective

this thing is it kills cockroaches after

they eat so they eat the powder and go

off somewhere and die

this is Mina's really really amazing if

you look at it here there are so many of

them just falls down after eating this

cockroach powder those sticking pads are

this brand vector chopped insect

something I use this pad in order to

chop them like this so they won't

go off and boric acid powder is comes in

a package you could buy this for like 50

bucks for a pound

I think 50 bucks or something 50 parts

plus shipping and you could use this


it's just need small amount I put lot in

order for this to die everything I'm

sticking bear that will actually help a

lot because they just you know sick dose

cockroaches on the pad and data they

cannot move again I use the cardboard

like this I hold on used cardboard like

this in order to keep the powder on

cardboard itself I cut out the cardboard

like you know in the middle and didn't

cut all the way through so it's on the

other side is filled and on the top

there is a screw some space in order to

put the powder in so they go and eat and

then they go off and die pretty much um

it's been a very interesting bottle

between me and cockroaches and I finally

want and so far it's been three weeks

and I haven't seen a single cockroach

yet so that's all good before they were

just walking all over the place even in

outlets windows on the edge of the thing

on the cube bulbs inside the fridge

outside the fridge inside the cupboards

and they just died pretty much they died

now there is no cockroaches left

and they used to live all over the place

and now they are dead I put this another

swing thing so you know for the small

they just come by but they can of each

because it's off the floor so they will

go around and eat the boric acid on the

floor if you could look properly you

could see that they have like

considerably moved around in this area

and eat and but they don't they don't

die here they just move around and they

die off somewhere else usually on the

corners on the floors and everywhere

else this actually how to actually kill

other moving inside too so if you have

anything take it just

so all over the place they died off so

thank you for looking at the video and

if you need boric acid powder click on

the link below and you will be taken to

a website where you could buy that boric

acid powder and tack it just like this

so you don't have to do anything just

throw the package just take out some

powder and put all over the place where

take cockroaches will come and eat and

also buy some sticky pads from Victor

which has scented pads it attract

cockroaches a lot more then like a

non-scented pads but also I put in some

food right in the middle of the path I

put some bottom fried onions fried

vegetables so that smells attract the

cockroaches more so over here if you if

you could take a look at it I have like

a fried onion more fried Orion this is a

fried vegetable and over here this is

the first few days of you know putting

this bad and I I probably can't like I

don't know 500 maybe more of cockroaches

then I put second set of fast few more

after like seven eight days later and I

caught a lot more again this is like

maybe hundred and they go up and they

just die and they just get sick stick on

the got got stuck on the pad and

eventually die so this is the kitchen

great and I will show you the washroom

now if you wanted to buy the buff powder

boric acid powder you don't have to do

anything pretty much you just put the

powder in up

any place you are to see you are seeing

the cockroaches they come along eat die

but I strongly suggest that you buy

insect stick sticking pads so which it

will trap the insect when they get on it

and also put some food on the middle of

the sticking pad so you know the smell

attract more insect especially in this

case cockroaches and they come along and

they get struck on the pad and they

cannot move and eventually die of

starvation this is pretty much my video

if you have any question just you don't

post ask the question underneath here

and I will answer any question you have

thank you