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How to prevent roach transfer when moving

hi my name's Peter power and I'm the

proud owner of power past control today

we're gonna be talking about Rhodes

transfer from one unit from one

apartment to the next right I had a

customer that called me in today and she

was asking me well you know I'm moving I

didn't the month and I don't want to

transfer roaches from one apartment to

my new apartment and how can we do that

she was trying to search for some

information online she couldn't find it

so I decided to make this video to help

others that are trying to search for

this information so when you're moving

from one place to the next the key thing

is to if you have clothing of course you

probably will have clothing laundry

everything just go to laundromat pour it

but everything in a garbage bag dump

everything in the laundry wash it dry it

and then the key thing is the garbage

bag that you came in with you switch it

and you put a fresh clean bag the reason

for that you don't want any roads

transfer from the clothing that's that

was in the old units to be transferred

in new units and that's why you use a

fresh clean bag second thing I would get

plastic totes you can go to any of those

home builder stores and get those those

plastic totes that have the grooves in

it that's designed to be stacked the

reason why is that you know with a

plastic bin there's not many places for

the roach to high in the nooks and

crannies where as in corrugated

cardboard boxes roaches can hide in the

grooves it's not recommended in my

opinion I would I would prefer that any

client that I that I'm recommending

would use plastic totes and then when

and also what I also like you to do as

well is to inspect your furniture like

you know nightstands dinette tables flip

it upside down look in the cracks and

crevices some of the tell-tale signs

that you'll see a cockroach infestation

is these little tiny dots in the corners

of the tables and and chairs or

nightstands it looks like someone took a

sharpie and poked it on the wood it's

it's red flag it's obvious that there's

some sort of roach infestation then what

you might have to do is you know look

for an appropriate label product that

can be applied to those items to get rid

of the roaches and lastly

when you're moving from point A to point

B do a visual inspection when you're

taking it out of the unit out of the

units that you're leaving and going to

the new units look at every single item

check it once check it twice check it

three times and visually inspect

everything to make sure that you're not

transferring any items that were from

the old unit to the new unit and when

you get to the new unit take your time

to unpack everything don't rush to

unpack everything because sometimes when

you're in a hurry you might not pay

attention that's there's some roaches in

the electronics and so forth so you may

not be able to spray inside the

electronics so you might have to get

like some sort of air compressor or some

sort of a canned air compressor where it

can try and force some of the roaches

out of the hiding spots and then also

with some electronics that you may have

you might want to keep it in a separate

area out of the kitchen because your

first instinct if you have a toaster a

microwave a blender is to put it in the

kitchen because that's where you're

gonna make food right so you might want

to put it in a separate area for the

next little while it has a buffer just

to be on the safe side so that the

roaches don't transfer in the kitchen

and start an infestation there okay if

you follow these simple tips these will

this will give you the opportunity to

reduce your roaches transfer from from

the old unit to the new unit thank you

for watching my video I'm your home

stars award-winning technician for the

year 2019 and 2020 bye for now