get rid


hi welcome I'd like to talk about how

one should eliminate vultures or get rid

of them permanently

and yes we know about braids will spray

or rust bombs but if you don't get to

the source of the problem then basically

we're wasting time and money just buying

these items that splits them away

temporarily and then they come back so

let me introduce myself I am a tenant

who lives in New York City housing

projects whereas the building itself is

infested with roaches I normally get a

lot of opiates in the kitchen and in the

bathroom so after I had primed and

painted almost my whole apartment I

decided to cover the holes where roaches

come in and out of with spackling paste

it's a ready-made plaster that you might

use to cover holes in your walls well

the same as R approaches they come in

and I love holes like in your cabinets

in your walls especially in the holes on

an upper part of the snowing all you

have to do this is give me a second all

you have to do the paste looks like this

grab your little the amount that's

needed for the holes and you simply

cover the holes it really keeps down on

getting roaches or gets rid of them

permanently well I have not covered all

the holes in the kitchen but what I do

if I want to push them away

another item here is called your clips

essential oils which you get you a

bottle or a warner couple drugs probably

three or four drops of this hair

elliptical is eccentric walls these type

of oils you can buy it online or buy at

your health food store they should sell

them and get your couple of drops and

suppress it in your cabinets in your

holes in the walls or where you see

voters I do this day and night

religiously this way better than Brady

or spraying Ross bronze its prism away

again like I said before you had to get

to the source of the problem if you see

holes where workers come in and out of

the process gonna come back I mean the

everywhere you suppressive miss miss

miss theorems

it'll keep down on getting voters but if

these holes are not covered if the brush

will come back so again please cover

your whole with spackling paste or you

can use a cork paste which you can also

get at your local hardware store

basically it's a selling then you

normally paste them on a bathtub but you

can also fill in the holes in your walls

which I have done on an upper ceiling at

this corner here

anywhere that I see holes I cover with

cork case of back in plastics personally

spackling paste or plaster is better

industry because there's only $3.00 this

had one they want $5 so to go on a

cheaper route get the $3.00 spackling

paste a small tube like this this will

definitely solve the problem when you

covered these holes that roof has come

in there I love it will solve your

problem now to keep them away especially

for example you have not cover all of

the holes especially the hard-to-reach

areas where there's holes and boaters

comes in and out of people sit around

that area it will keys it away I'm no

miss person in my cabinets and other

system I have not seen any vultures in

these cabinets I spray this and all of

my cabinets I spray this in my fridge my

freezer like I said before in my kitchen

especially it used to be incest it

reproaches now now I'm seeing a brochure

to every now and then that because I

have not covered all the holes that's in

the kitchen I need to get to the

hard-to-reach areas where I see holes

and discover but otherwise this is all I

would like to share if y'all have any

tips or anything you would like to share

on how one should eliminate brochures

and please leave a comment below but

otherwise thanks for watching this video

and you'll have a good day