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Why ROACHES infest ELECTRONICS & how to stop them!

hey everybody this is Jason with green

acres pest control you have to forgive

me I've been suffering from a little bit

of a head cold I don't know what it is

we've had a lot of rain and stuff around

although if it's mold in the air or what

it is I don't know but today I want to

talk about cockroaches I don't want to

talk about mainly specifically this is

something that I'm actually putting this

in my cockroach Monday series but just

so you know if you want to see any other

videos about cockroach control I do have

a cockroach Monday series that I put out

a few months ago and it was on Mondays

and I did one video every Monday to try

to teach people about cockroaches and

how to get rid of them themselves now

this question was actually asked on my

YouTube excuse me about how to get rid

of cockroaches in electronics like

Playstations computers Xboxes wheeze you

know all these different things

cockroaches love electronics anything

that's plugged in the wall not just

cockroaches ants will live with them too

but cockroaches really like electronics

and the reason they like them is because

they give off heat they like to get into

refrigerators they like to get into

microwaves ovens they like in really

really infested homes

you'll find them in living rooms living

inside Playstations computer systems DVD

players VCRs if you still have them they

live in those two and a question the

question that was asked was as pest

control how do you kill roaches in these

electronic devices because you don't you

can't just take raid and spray it inside

your PlayStation you destroy your

PlayStation or your computer for that

matter and you could cause a fire so

hopefully at the end of this video I

would have explained a little bit on

what to do now what I'd normally

recommend people do that you have to

treat your home for Burt for roaches

crack and crevice which is when you take

your your pesticide tank you go around

and you treat all the cracks around like

your baseboards you

a cord around your crown molding you

treat you know if the if the paneling on

the wall is starting to separate from

the wall treating the crack of the

paneling where it separates because

roaches love living that take your

pictures off the wall treat the backseat

of picture frames and stuff you could

use bait you could take like a max for

steel bait or add V on or what's another

good one add beyond um shoot Vendetta

Vendetta is good and you can put just a

little bit just like a pea-sized like

you know just a bit a little bit all it


on the back of your picture frames and

hang them back up on the wall and you

know you need to start control in the

house you need to try to you could

actually this is this is a technique I

used to do years ago I still do it

sometimes is use to different chemicals

now if you have two different sprite

tanks if you were do it yourself you may

only have one spray tank go out and buy

a second spray tank and the reason I say

this is because if you use something

like I I recommend this is a chemical I

recommend for cockroaches I'm gonna tell

you right now now I can't Oh Alpine

Alpine WS g WS G stands for

water-soluble granule it's a dry

pesticide that you mix to a gallon of

water so you'll take your water you mix

about half full in your tank you put in

your active ingredient which is the

Alpine and then you fill the tank rest

away with water shake it up real good

make sure it's really well dissolved and

agitated and that's a tank of Alpine now

I use that a lot for cockroaches and

ants fleas even you can use it for its

really good pistol pesticide and then

you'll want to use something like and

this is what you'd use in your other

tank because Alpine is a non repellant

pesticide which means the roaches don't

know it's there so what I do is I use

the Alpine in the kitchen in the

bathrooms the places where they're

because German cockroaches are attracted

to water now that's what we're talking

about we talk about German cockroaches

here German cockroaches are attracted to

water so if you treat your kitchens and

your bathrooms around your water heaters

places like that with the the Alpine

which is what they want to be around

they want to be around the water source

they don't know the chemicals there so

they'll crawl into your kitchens and

your water heaters and stuff and they'll

crawl through that chemical and they'll

die in the rest of the house every other

room of the house bedrooms living rooms

computer rooms you'll want to use

something like demand or demon or

talstar something like that because they

are highly repellant they're Paree

throats they're highly repellant and

they will chase the bugs out of those

rooms into the rooms they naturally want

to be in like kitchens bathrooms water

heaters and I've found that that's just

a really really effective way to kind of

force the roaches when they're really

infested in there in other rooms it

forces them to go into those areas where

they're then you can kind of target and

get rid of them easier it gets them out

of your entertainment systems and your

your video game systems your computer

systems your electronics things like

that and it forces them into other rooms

where they want to be so if you bait now

you could take some bait like gel bait

which a lot of people know what it is

it's it's it's kind of looks like peanut

butter a lot of people call it peanut

butter oh that kills roaches roaches

peanut butter brooch butter there's lots

of different names I've heard people use

for baits but if you take a little bit

of that that bait like I said about

pea-sized amount very little you don't

need these long lines you do these like

I've gone in homes and they'll have a

long line of smeared bait all over

everything it it's just nasty it looks

gross and it's not gonna work

roaches don't live together typically

that you might find clusters of them 10

15 of them clustered together but they

live all over if they find a crack

they'll go in it they'll live in it if

you put a little bit of bait in that

crack if you haven't put any pesticide

oh don't put pesticide in around your

bait because you will contaminate your

bait if you if you mix pesticides with

bait so you take a little bit of big

bait you put it over at a crack where

you know the roaches are living and

they'll eat it you could do that with

your Playstations

you can do it with your computer systems

you could do it with your entertainment

systems like on the back of your

television around your cords where they

go into the tale TV if you've seen

roaches going into your TV

you could put a little bitty dot here

and there on the back of your television

and what that's gonna do because you

can't spray inside your TV that's gonna

entice the roaches to come out because

they're attracted to the bait so they'll

come out they'll eat the bait and then

hopefully they will die so that is my

best recommendation I have used dust but

I don't want to recommend using dust

because you can ruin if you're not

really careful you can ruin your

electronics with dust so I don't

recommend it I recommend bait bait does

work I've actually been able to

eliminate cockroaches in restaurants Oh

using bait and it's the number one tool

for exterminators and I can't stress it

enough you need to make sure your baits

working if you've been applying your

bait for a month or so and it's not

really making a difference you need to

switch and use a different ingredient

because your roaches are probably immune

to what you're using so I hope this has

been an informative video I hope this

has helped to answer that question um

you guys have a really great day I

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