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How To Kill Roaches Forever Safe For Pets

so I know this is probably the hundredth

video that you come across trying to get

rid of this problem so I'm gonna make it

as brief as possible I'm originally from

New York I lived in places like Brooklyn

and Queens most of my life and dealing

what roaches was just kind of you

accepted it it was a way of life I lived

in Asheville North Carolina didn't have

any problems but when I moved out to

Raleigh North Carolina I had a had an

infestation of roaches I wouldn't just

it was an intermediate level I when he

just see one or two at a time it was

always like three four at a time

scurrying around mostly in my living

room and my kitchen so I spent several

months researching buying all different

types of products that either didn't

work or only work temporarily so I'm

gonna quickly go over some of those

products so that you don't waste your

money on things that just aren't gonna

solve the problem so the first one is

this quick kill foam this is somewhere

you have to spray directly on them and

you have to spray a lot of this stuff I

mean you really got to drown them with

this in order to actually kill them and

it really it doesn't prevent the issue

either I mean to me it's the same thing

as just smashing them with a shoe on top

of that I can't even spray it around

food so my sink my oven my refrigerator

my kitchen table anywhere in my kitchen

really so this is just kind of pointless

to me next up is these Roach Motels you

can get them in different styles this is

for large and small roaches I bought two

of these boxes I haven't even opened up

this one at all the first box it kills

about half of the roaches but it doesn't

attack the problem permanently so this

is kind of useless too I also went out

about this expensive garbage the gel

version of this thing let me show you

how disgusting this thing is too so it

literally just looks like poop and it

doesn't dissolve or anything so you just

have these like strings of poo just all

around your house and this one actually

comes highly recommended by an

exterminator and of course they would

recommend it because it doesn't work

even the chemicals that they use only

work temporarily

if they give you a permanent solution to

the problem they would be out of a job

and I haven't seen this thing do

anything I think I've killed more

roaches just by looking at them so this

is pointless as well so what does work

I've ignored the stuff in Walmart for

months it's got a stupid name stupid

packaging it was sums of three dollars

it has to be a joke I had absolutely

nothing left to lose I picked this up I

went home

there's it's basically like a fine

powder of boric acid I sprinkled it

around like my stove my sink the

refrigerator and the cabinets stuff like

that within three days I woke up in the

morning and there are about seven dead

roaches on my kitchen floor sweep them

up I go to work and come home there's

another ten or eleven of them on the

floor nine days nine days after putting

this down there were no more roaches I

put this down in June of 2017 it is June

2018 and I haven't seen a roach until

last week I saw one roach and that's

when I realized this in all the same

areas again so this is about a 99.999%

permanent solution to getting rid of

roaches now a great aspect of this thing

is that it's safe for your pets your cat

your dogs it's not gonna bother them at

all it kills just about every insect

imaginable except for spiders apparently

spiders just roll around in this stuff

like a child in a sandbox so you're not

gonna find this in every Walmart you got

to search around but you can also pick

it up online

Walmart comm also Amazon I'll have the

links in the description so let me know

in the comments below of how this

products worked out for you I also put

the number of days of how long it's

taking to get rid of your issue this way

other people can stop by and get an

estimate of how long they should expect