get rid

How to get roaches out your car!! This Definitely works....

hello how you doing so

what i i i had a bad infestation little

roaches in my car so i

every time i would get in my car me and

my girlfriend we would go anywhere i

would look in my car and i would notice

roaches crawling over the place

all over the place not really all over

the place maybe like one or two

running across the dash and like my

girlfriend is like

really uh afraid of roaches

so she was never gonna she said i'm

never riding in your car again so what

anyway so when i ended up having to do i

said let me fog out my car i ended up

fogging the car out

i um started cleaning my car and not

eating in my car

no more and you know hoping that this


kill you know hit this would help get

rid of the situation but it actually

didn't fogging didn't work

um and i fought in my car like several

times did not work maybe i would see

maybe one or two dead roaches but it

still did not resolve the issue

so what i ended up doing was i said okay

let me buy some real space about roach

baits roach baits as you can see there

all over the car

actually have some here in front of me i

actually take them out now because i

feel like

um i don't see any more um

roaches but the roach baits

to me didn't really work well

um because if you look in the inside of

these roach

cut this baits off if you look on the

inside of these roach plates you don't

see any

dead roaches that's the purpose they're

clear so you can see what comes in

so i didn't see any um dead roaches or


so i was like okay so this is not

working so then i went and bought these


uh roach traps it's like a little sticky


and the roaches as they go on there what

happens is they get stuck

and they're unable to move but then i'm

just showing you how to clean i keep my

cart pretty clean as well as them now

definitely um and the result

of the the sticky is this is one

and i only put one in the car when i

actually give you two

but as you can see here you see all the

little babies and

everything so what ended up really

working and worked the best

was this roach pad which is a little


pad that as they go on they get stuck

and they cannot move

this was the best thing

and it worked great because as of now i

have not seen a roach in the past

maybe like two weeks it has not been a

roach in my car and like i say what i

did do i stopped eating in my car

because i definitely don't want that to

happen and now my girlfriend feels a

little bit more comfortable getting in

my car so the best thing i recommend is

go ahead and grab yourself some of these

uh roach traps which are little sticky

pads that actually

catch the roach as they step onto the

pad and they work great