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The ONLY Way to Get Rid of ROACHES - Tenant Left Cockroaches; Landlords, Don't Make These Mistakes!!

what's up guys garrett here and today i

want to talk about

roaches boy if that doesn't give you the

heebie-jeebies i don't know what will

it's going to happen at some point

especially if you are a landlord now


video is for anyone that has roaches but


landlords that own a bunch of units or

say apartment buildings or mobile home

park or you know conjoined units

or the tenants within those units i want

to show you how to identify

the roaches whether you may or may not

have them

i want to show you what not to do this

is very important don't skip this step

i want to show you how to get rid of

them and then i want to show you how to

absolutely prevent them from coming back

all right so let's start with

identification now there are going to be

some times

where it is unmistakable you absolutely

have roaches you walk

in and they just scatter or they're just

crawling up the walls or they're on the

ceilings and literally

dropping on top of you you obviously

know that you have it but sometimes it's

a little less

obvious you might see a dead roach

here and there and generally if you see

one roach there's probably

20 to 50 of them that you don't see now

you probably have a problem and you

definitely want to do something about it

so when you are trying to identify the

roaches the best thing to do

is to look for their feces there's going

to be poop all over the place generally

you're going to see

evidence of them anywhere that there's a

food source

an electrical source a water source

or just some place that's very tight

and dark so i would start by looking


all of your electrical plates in either

your outlets

or your switches or even your main box

look in your kitchen as well you're

going to see them probably inside the

cabinets but you're especially going to

see them

behind the refrigerator they love that


down below so you're going to have to

pull that refrigerator out

look behind there most likely they're

going to just scatter

right when you do this obviously you

have a problem and that is definitely an

area that you want to treat

look behind anything that's hanging on

the wall it could be a tv

like tv mounted to the wall again it's

electrical and it's warm

so you're probably going to see poop

behind there anything

again that is on the wall so like

pictures or

furniture that's up against the wall

they like those tight areas

and they're especially going to be

behind the walls within the ceilings

and within your floors within those

areas they aren't disturbed

it's a consistent temperature and

humidity and they're really only going

to come out

whenever they need to feed or get water

so with that said you want to look at

anywhere that there

is food or water so your kitchen and

your bathrooms are going to be

the heaviest concentration of where your

roaches are so those are the best places

to look

look around your stove look around the


huge concentration is going to be behind

your refrigerator

look inside your cabinets above your

cabinets especially if there's just a

tiny little gap there

they will get above the cabinets behind

the cabinets

between the cabinets underneath the


look underneath your sink a lot of times

you're going to be going

in and out of where there's pipe

penetrations through your walls

if you've looked through all of these

areas it should be pretty darn evident

whether you have an infestation or you

just have

a few but regardless i would suggest

treating the same way

the next thing we need to talk about is

what not to do

now this is very very important

especially if you're a landlord now i


duplexes fourplex is a mobile home park

and i absolutely do not want any of the

other units to get

roaches especially if i'm treating one

that does have it

so pay attention to this this is very

important and if you're a tenant

same deal follow these steps the first

thing i don't want you to do

is to step on any of them and the reason

being yes you may

kill one you've got hundreds most likely


that one could have eggs within it and

those eggs can get embedded inside of

the soles of your shoes

so if you don't want it at your own

place especially if you are a landlord

don't step on them now the next thing i

don't want you to do is very very

important i've done this please learn

from my mistake

don't spray fog or smoke actually what

happens is these are great at

driving the roaches away they kill some

of them but they generally drive them

away so again if you are a landlord

and you don't want any more roaches do

not do those three things you're going

to drive them

straight to the next units and you're

just going to start this whole process

over and over again

now if you've established that you do

have an infestation

it's time to actually treat them and

there's really only three ways to do it

the first one is a fumigation and that

would be with the big old tent

and the professionals that come in and

that's really expensive and it takes

time and you actually have to move out

and it's just not

practical for the normal person the

second way

is if you hit that like button down

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it's just magic just kidding but please

do hit that like button there's a lot of

great information here and i appreciate

it when you do

now the best way to get rid of roaches

is with a gel bait

now we use a product called vendetta

plus and i've left a link to it in the


it works fantastic for us we've had

great luck with it

and it basically it comes in a little

syringe and you put little dabs in it in

the strategic places around your house

now the adult roaches eat this product

and it will kill them within a day or so

but they take it back to their nest

they defecate all over the place and

when roaches are developing they're in

that nip stage

the nip roaches actually eat the adults

poop and so those adults that defecate

all over the place their poop is

contaminated and therefore

they actually poison the young roaches

before they can

reproduce and lay eggs again now

remember roaches need

food and water and they really like

electrical activity so go to those

places first to treat

now this gel comes in a little syringe

and it's best if you put

say like a little pea-sized dab of it

wherever you are treating or even just a

little one-inch strip

so i would suggest doing it along your

baseboards anywhere that you have

cracks do it above your cabinets

inside your cabinets below your cabinets

anywhere that there's a penetration like

a water line or a sewer line

pull your electrical plates off and

treat behind those as well

and then definitely definitely treat


all of your appliances especially that


put quite a bit of it in the compressor

area behind it within a day or two you

are going to start seeing dead roaches

but you have to allow at least a week to

two weeks for this to work

as the eggs that they've already placed

are gonna hatch

and they need to eat that contaminated

poop before they actually die

so you gotta kill the full cycle if


10 to 14 days you still have a few

roaches around i'd suggest treating


but once you're fairly certain that

you've gotten rid of your roaches

i would suggest putting a very high

quality spray

around your house do it around the

baseboards anywhere that there's cracks

openings like doors and windows and then

of course around the outside

perimeter of your home as well up the

side two feet

as well as out into the yard two feet

this creates a great perimeter around

your house to repel

anything further from coming in we use a

product called

side kick for our spray whenever we are

treating our units

and we do this for for prevention as

well as after roach

treatments a link to that product is

also down below

now it's time to talk about prevention

and this is probably one of the most

important things

make sure you take out your trash do not

collect trash inside of your unit

if your unit is trashed you're going to

have a heck of a time getting rid of the


if you have them so make sure to clean

it out if it's empty

you're going to get rid of it much

faster than if you actually do have a

tenant in it but it is not

impossible with a tenant in it using

that gel bait

just make sure that they aren't just

complete slobs and have

trash and food and water and beverages

just anything all over the place so your

first priority really should just be to

clean this whole place up sweep it up

try to eliminate that food source try to

eliminate that water source

and try to make the roaches as

uncomfortable as possible so let's say


winter time and you have a unit open

that you have not yet

rented out my suggestion would be to

keep it as cold as possible

roaches like heat and therefore

it's actually going to drive them away

they're going to look for a much better

suitable home for themselves so drop the


i would suggest somewhere in the 40s

it's gonna seem kind of cold but you

shouldn't run the risk

of your pipes freezing or anything like

that just keep it nice and cool

that'll help prevent those roaches from

actually coming

make sure that you also have a pest

control schedule

lined out now you can do this yourself

again using that side kick that i was

talking about

just make sure to regularly spray the

insides and the outsides of your units i

would suggest at least once every six

months let's recap what we just talked

about so first

identify them they want food and water

so look in your bathrooms your kitchens

and again they like electrical

activities to look in those areas first

second don't step on them and don't come

right out of the gate if you have an

infestation and spray

fog or smoke third use a

gel bait and put it in the most affected

areas as well as those that have not yet

been affected

and fourth prevention try to keep your


inside and out very very clean don't

give them a water or a food source

try to prevent any places that they can

possibly come

in whether it be through cracks in the


or penetrations through your walls

they're going to get in in all of those


and then also follow it up with a very

very regular

pest control treatment plan again i'd

probably do six months

use a professional grade insecticide and

make sure that you treat both the inside

as well as the outside of your units

anywhere that there's a penetration like

a door or a window

or water pipes going through or cracks

or whatever it is make sure that you

treat those

areas and again i've left links down

below to both the gel bait as well as

the insecticide that i use

roaches are just plain nasty and again

they just give me the heebie-jeebies

just thinking about them but there is

a path to get rid of them just follow

the procedures that i just talked about

and you will actually get rid of them

hey thanks again guys for watching if

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ring the bell thank you guys i'll see

you next time