get rid

It was either me or this roach...I had to kill it. Thanks New Orleans for these big ass ROACHES!

okay okay okay

so I open my bag so that I could get

some stuff out of my suitcase for

download areas cooks and there is a


the size of my fist crawling in my bag

okay I mean this thing is listen listen

hold on now this thing this humongous

done okay

and I was looking for something to spray

I found they had a little bit of rope

roach and ant killer under the thing

hold on and I'm trying to get my life


this thing gets humongous okay

this thing gets Hugh [ __ ] mungus

alright this thing listen I sprayed it a

little bit so the spray was getting to

it and they started jumping like Noah's

[ __ ] being this [ __ ] is definitely

the size of my [ __ ] fist okay

and I don't know how to get rid of this

I don't know oh no gee why do I have

enough killer they only got you know

black folks use a whole camper roach

okay we'll use a whole camp or Roach oh

my god Jesus Christ oh my god Lord Jesus

help me right now Holy Ghost give me the

strength I need oh my god woo hoo I kick

the back

I don't diss shell with the day okay

okay alright okay here we go

let me see I gotta hit it okay I can't

go it that way I had enough space to get

away maybe I go this way

okay they got ultra kill it says kills

on contact it ain't but a little left in

here okay where is this thing ah

it's son yeah I'm still waking up lord

where is he

oh my god oh my lord

yeah okay okay okay okay

maybe if I turn the bag upside down and

move the bag

I can get him out huh

if I turn the bag upside down and move a

medal no I

okay okay hold on I can't hold on one


oh I'm really sweating okay put the

thing upside my thing

I've seen them okay okay all right okay

okay here laughs here laughs yeah okay

all right here laughs okay he's living

okay let me see come on Jesus Jesus I

don't have much strength to kill his

roast Jesus okay

father God I come right now lord I need

your help Lord allow me the spirit of

David to slay this dragon lord only got

a few sprays in its can and I know

you're gonna be able to whoo okay in

Jesus name I pray

okay if you pray you can't worry huh if

you pray whoo you can't worry okay okay

he's alive one thing about it



yeah there you go there you go there you

go that's him that's him that's him

ashes to ashes dust to dust

say hello to our team or with the

Franklin for me oh oh I don't know what

you came from but you got to get up out

of here today alright sorry I to kill

you but you gotta go

if anybody asks you where I'm going

where I'm going soon I'm going up with

you I'm going up in yonder to be with my


he looks just like himself don't he he

look just like himself


oh my god today whoo-hoo unto my hands

Lord I commitment to the being yet

resolved that a member of the pest

family be returned unto our heavenly

master this the day of our Lord

number 18 or 17 in the year 2018 my god

today who y'all pray for me here we

don't kill them he got to go it was

either him or me and I wasn't gonna be

able to take it alright y'all I love you

let me disinfect everything good