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How to Prevent Outdoor Roach Invasions

outdoor cockroaches like American Brown

banded and smokey brown cockroaches are

not shy about invading our indoor living

spaces these large roaches will infest

indoors if there is available food water

and shelter and they carry and spread

diseases just like their indoor

counterparts so in this video we'll show

you how to differentiate outdoor roaches

from indoor roaches and control them so

you don't have to worry about Roach

invasions inside to shop the products in

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indoor roaches like German cockroaches

and outdoor roaches like American

roaches will require different treatment

methods and products to get effective

control so proper identification and

inspection is important outdoor roaches

such as American Brown banded oriental

and smokey brown roaches tend to be

larger than indoor roaches common

outdoor roach species are large with

american roaches being the largest at

1.5 inches in length indoor roaches like

German roaches are easier to

differentiate as they are much smaller

growing only up to half an inch in link

indoor roaches like German cockroaches

are typically found inside of structures

clustered around heat sources like

electronics or kitchen appliances when

they're inactive during the day outdoor

roaches typically live outdoors and hide

underneath lumber piles rocks or any

other debris that can provide shelter

however outdoor roaches will find their

way inside structures in search of food

water and shelter once inside they will

harbour in attics garages basements

kitchens and bathrooms when inspecting

for outdoor Roach activity take note of

any possible entry points like cracks

and openings in doors broken window

screens and voids and walls inspect the

structures interior perimeter for cracks

and crevices that roaches could crawl

through and examine door and window

seals to make sure they close properly

you'll treat these areas to prevent

roaches from coming inside

to control an outdoor roach infestation

first use an insecticide like reclaim IT

and mix it with an insect growth

regulator like martins IG regulator an

insecticide will work to kill roaches

while an insect growth regulator or IG r

will break the insects life cycle the

renting premature roaches from

developing into adults and stopping eggs

from hatching for reclaim you can use a

rate of 0.33 ounces to one ounce of

product per one gallon of water from

Martins IG regulator use a rate of two

ounces of product per one gallon of

water this solution of reclaim IG

regulator and one gallon of water will

cover 1,000 square feet of treatment

area fill a pump sprayer with half a

gallon of water and add reclaim and IG

regulator close the sprayer and agitate

the solution to ensure an equal

distribution open it and add the

remaining water to the pump sprayers one

gallon fill line agitate the solution

again and you're ready to start apply

the reclaim and igr solution as a

perimeter treatment around your

structures Foundation and fence

perimeter create a barrier by spraying

free feed up the structure and three

feet out next treat the entry points you

noted earlier in your inspection be sure

to spray around doors windows openings

created by utility pipes the garage door

and any other openings you may have

found once an adult brooch comes into

contact with the chemical solution it

can take up to an hour for it to die

premature roaches will die over time as

the IGR prevents them from growing into

adults and reproducing once you've

treated your structures perimeter lay

out an insecticide bait like vicam Phi

cam is a granular insecticide that is

ready to use and requires no mixing to

spread Phi cam use a rate of two to four

pounds per thousand square feet of

treatment area or more simply three

point two to six ounces per hundred

square feet open the container and

remove the seal hold the container about

four to five inches above the ground and

shake the product out in two to

four-foot bands around your treatment

perimeter focus your treatment around

the entry points you noted earlier use a

duster to apply Phi cam in tight spaces

once you've baited your structure use a

handheld spreader to apply if I can

around bushes shrubs and trees

prevent roach infestations through

exclusionary methods and sanitation

repair any broken door and window seals

you may have found and seal cracks and

crevices on the interior and exterior

with copper mesh and calc

pick up wood bricks and other large

debris that may be laying outdoors as

these are perfect spots for roaches to

hide in regularly clean the interior of

your structure vacuum the floor and

clean the dishes take the garbage out

daily and make sure your bins closed

properly do not leave any food or water

outside overnight including pet food by

keeping the structure clean and

eliminating food sources outdoor roaches

have less reasons to invade indoor

spaces an outdoor Roach inside the

structure may indicate a larger

infestation outside and may need to be

dealt with these professional-grade

products and tips will stop roaches from

coming inside and we offer same-day

shipping to help you get control quickly

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