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Refrigerators & Roaches-It's Worth The Look

oh hey mr. Gerry shopping with pest

cemetery calm thanks for enjoying my

blog I do appreciate it do you pull

refrigerators out when you do pest

control you should I'm going to show you

a few tips on how to do pest control

around a refrigerator that's safe and

effective and you'll learn a lot from it

check it out

refrigerators can be quite bothersome

with roaches at times they'll get right

into these gaps these gaskets and

whatnot and live just happy-go-lucky

even though it's freezing inside here

it's nice and toasty up here the gaskets

will come out if you work it and they'll

get right in these seams right in behind

here and work their way down a telltale

sign will be the fecal matter which they

leave behind and this is like a homing

device where the roaches will come in at

the end of a nice night and hunting

around scavenging for food and just tuck

right back in here then you shut the

refrigerator and there are solid set up

for the day just to hide and right under

your nose let's check out the back and

see why a refrigerator so popular it's

the motor and the heat that attracts

roaches ah you can't feel it right now

because you're watching a video but this

is a probably 5 to 10 degrees hotter

than the surrounding air you can just

feel the heat there's a fan going

blowing that heat all through this motor

there's tons of places to hide and what

happens is roaches will get right behind

this cardboard backing and it's complete

protection the reason you want to pull

out a refrigerator is because there's

all sorts of areas that you just can't

treat without pulling it out whether

you're going to use baits or sprays I

don't recommend dust because of that fan

it'll just blow the dust all around and

you'll be breathing it so I don't

recommend dust per se for roach jobs on

refrigerators another key spot is this

little bit of insulation here the

roaches get in here big time and they

can hide have their babies being

complete safety and in the darkness

maybe be out of the breeze they don't

really like the air from the fan so they

can hide in several spots to just to get

away from that blowing air and there's

plenty of spots that can hide back here

and at night it's simple crawl across

the floor and right on the outside and

off into your kitchen get some food and

then back for the daytime to hide the

day out so hey this has been Jerry

Shepherd with Pet Sematary calm thanks

so much again for visiting my blog see