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How to treat roaches in your dishwasher

hey there Jerry Shadrach the bug doctor

with pest cemetery calm I'm here in the

kitchen doing pest control for German

roaches around a dishwasher the

customers complaining of having roaches

disappear into the cracks and crevices

and their current vendor just can't seem

to get rid of them

dishwashers pose a really significant

barrier for your pest control efforts I

want to show you why

number one the problem with this

dishwasher and the technician before is

he used dust and you can kind of see it

to get in here and to eradicate the

roaches we'll look at all the barriers

the dust has this is so tight it had no

room to go to fill this cavity also the

roaches are hiding underneath this

insulation so anything he put above

they're simply protected same goes with

aerosols you could try and put your

aerosols in here and it's just not going

to go very far you're going to get a

half inch maybe of penetration and the

roaches will simply avoid the area

so my next logical way to deal with

these guys is maybe baiting

but I tell you at times you can only get

about a quarter of an inch half inch of

this bait tip into the void this huge

void that the dishwasher sits in so it's

limited as well to combat that I might

use an extender and see the the more

penetration I can get but this thing's

pretty thick and bulky dishwashers are

put in very very tight so a lot of times

you won't have this width of a crack or

crevice to get this tube back them in

the other possibility is just a simple

mask or station the problem with that is

if you lay it up here you'll never get

the dishwasher back in perhaps if you

can take the dishwasher out and that

would be optimum by the way

however dishwashers are one of the

appliances that is most solidly rooted

in the cabinet work it's in with screws

a lot of times people tile over it the

front entrance so you have no

room to pull the darn thing out so

you're very limited but if you can pull

it out and there's room maybe you can

sneak it in in here that would be a nice

alternative however like I said you a

lot of times you just can't get that

thing out so one tool I use quite a bit

is the knife in and I put it in a little

puffer and I can squeeze that and get

some back in here and some will drop

down around the edges and it'll give me

more coverage then perhaps my air

assaults or my dust the dust is one

thing I just hardly ever use on the

dishwasher unless the void is huge and

acting did it back in there and part of

the reason is when the man comes out to

service it and he's pulling this thing

out it's just gonna start floating all

over the place and it's not not good to

breathe the main problem with

dishwashers is think of this whole area

as a unit the refrigerator dishwasher in

between and the sink all three of these

are just a paradise for German roaches

you've got your water sources the

condensation of the motor the dishwasher

obviously water and the sink maybe you

have dripping pipes perhaps or just

condensation on the pipe but anyway

you've also got plenty of free run all

in behind here and a huge expanse you've

got the expanse of the motor of your

refrigerator the expanse around the

dishwasher and then the holes in the

cabinet work where it's so hard to get

to and work on a regardless of what

you're doing pest control or minor

plumbing and that just is a easy Avenue

for roaches to go back and forth so

while you may put a good barrier behind

the refrigerator and you're able to pull

it out you're still limited in this area

perhaps you can do more up under here

with your baits and your dust and your

powders but again you're still got this

third of a section here that the roaches

can just live and thrive and just be a

real pain

but to get rid of because anybody can

get rid of 95% of the roaches it takes a

real pro to get rid of that last 5%

that's where homeowners fall far short

and this has been Jerry Shepard I hope

this has been a beneficial little

segment for you the bug doctor with Pet

Sematary com thank you so much for

enjoying my blog see ya make that right