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Big Trouble With Big Roaches In Your Bathroom

hey there junior Shepherd the bug doctor

pest sanitary comm talking to you today

about large roaches in bathrooms it's a

common problem with some uncommon hiding

places and some uncommon treating

methods that you may need to employ to

work you know you might be the bug guy

that's been out there three or four

times trying to get these big roaches

under control but your surface sprays or

your baits under the cabinets or dusting

just doesn't seem to work well there's a

couple of spots that you might have

overlooked and we don't need to explore

that little bit and see if we can't help

you solve that problem let's take a look

shall we all right the one thing about

the big roaches is that they will leave

some rather bolt rather sizable evidence

behind you can see the roach droppings

here on the commode sometimes I'll find

a whole nest of them right up under here

where the tank meets the bowl and that's

the perfect form a lot of moisture other

times there will be a little gap in here

somewhere around the bottom of the

toilet bowl and man they can house a

whole city of them right up in here very

difficult to get anything up in there

like up and in unless you're using like

a 4-way fog or Puff some dust in there

nice and light to get it to shoot up in

there but I've seen just piles and piles

of this fecal matter just pile up in

some of these cracks where you know you

have a problem can't really drill in

there or anything you can lift the

toilet up if you so if you're so

inclined but that's a lot of work so

it's one spot that usually can and will

congregate and be totally protected from

your sprays and treatment don't rule out

the tank this just up underneath because

sometimes these are pretty loosely

fitted and so you lift this up and

you'll find roaches actually living

inside the tank you want to watch that I

also find a lot of ants that another

spot is underneath the sink itself this

one's not a great example of a moisture

problem it's pretty dry under here so

this kind of lets you know you can

move this out where there's an abundance

of moisture sometimes to the point where

mildew is kind of growing and you can

smell it that's when you're going to

have these big roaches in great

abundance they're going to live right

behind the flanges and infest in the

walls behind the cabinet and behind the

drywall there's really two layers there

you got that wood and then you have a

layer of drywall they'll be right in

there and as long as they've got

moisture there up and down that wall no

problem they're finding all kinds of

things they can eat then underneath

that's a hollow false bottom there and

you can have all kinds of critters

living up underneath something like that

sometimes you can put your hand right up

on here and it'll reach right over you

could reach right over and get to this

false side but this cabinet is not so

much maybe you'll be here in the corner

a little bit there's a hole but other

than that it's pretty well sealed so if

you wanted to access that you'd have to

take a small drill and drill a tiny hole

up high and up where people can't see it

pop in some dust or some CBA tea or some

sort of aerosol and wipe them out that'd

be good

but again this is not the greatest

example because this is nice and dry so

we need to keep hunting and see what's

happening there we go now you see how it

is that cover just kind of goes up there

into the average homeowner that's just

sealed and nothing can penetrate nothing

can come out of there but as you can see

just with a slight push we'll get all of

that void up in there and then if you

really kind of want to ruin it but if

you pull that down there's little slits

in the collar or the housing of this

light this recessed lighting

where wires hold this frame up and

perhaps the thing in place so a roach

can easily come through those slits or

maybe in laying near the light because


this is warmth so this is something they

want to do so they're up in the attic

came from the gutter or whatever they

will sense that this is an opening and

this is where they'll come out right

here another spot which is classic for

all sorts of critters and that is the

bathroom vent this is for a vent that

doesn't really do much of anything

except circulate the air or yeah get rid

of some bad smells this vent comes down

and almost all of them doing the

recessed lighting and everything these

little tabs here going to a little slit

and when you pull them together comes

down and different vents are different

so be careful and don't break them but

once we did all that we can see all this

fecal matter here now the roaches were

probably too big to fit through these

little vents little slits so there they

were just doing their fecal matter happy

stuff and probably tried to get back up

and in more than likely get either

through this little slit here this whole

side here is most likely the best bet or

like we said right up through the fan

itself because that just opens up into a

nice hollow area and goes up either all

the way through the attic or just dumps

out into the attic somewhere so the best

way to treat this there's you could use

dust like we said earlier and get around

the sides and that's what I'm going to

do I'm going to put some dust up there

and I'm going to really put my nozzle up

in there to shoot it up underneath that

insulation and if I'm making the wind

indication see that that'll cover any

kind of marring or anything I do I don't

want to screw up anybody's house so if

it were too tight or that wouldn't going

to one get it covered then I just use

that real thin straw but I want to get

dust because I want it to last a long


I'm really kind of puffing it in there

the rule of light kind of goes out the


turn our fan on

I'll have the homeowner clean this off

so it's not like a you know continuing

problem once it's a once we know we've

gotten rid of them and if we open this

up in three months and there's more of

this than we know so we want to clean

that off and that'll treat that I think

that's the source of our problem gently

push it back up make sure everything's


hey Justin Jerry Shepard the bug doctor

with Pet Sematary calm thanks so much

for enjoying my blog I got some business

take care see ya