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Roaches & Rats in Attics - Signs of bugs in attics and what to do

hello this is cliff Knipper with

national termite and pest control I am

up in my attic getting some boxes down

with some Christmas decorations from a

wife and it reminded me of a phone call

that I had this past week from a

customer they were getting some boxes

out of their attic and also other

storage build and they had found a lot

of signs of roaches and and some mice

also in the boxes and they were a little

concerned about that so they wanted to

get pest control done there they they

had never seen any insects or mice in

their home and we're surprised to find

these well folks the news is everybody

has cockroaches as as many of you don't

matter how clean your home is though

it's still there it's attractive to the

roaches at night you have the lights on

they're gonna come in looking for food

and a good way to find that out is to

look in the box that's been in your

attic or in your crawlspace for the last

year or so and you hadn't touched it

looking then you'll find signs of

roaches and mice and other insects and

they also make their way into your house

when you're not looking and they hide

when you're coming so just want to let

you know that everyone needs pest

control because the roaches there

they're there if I can be a very very

service to you please give me a call my

number here is written down to 2 9 2 7 3

13 10 we'd be glad to come out and give

you a free fifty eight point inspection

and give you the good results thank you

for this watching come visit my website

national termite and pest control online

hope you have a great day