get rid

How to get rid of cockroaches


today we're battling German cockroaches

this is an actual job we have some mild

to severe infestation in the kitchen

where I'm going to be doing is treating

under the cabinetry doing a thorough

crack and crevice treatment with a

product called phantom and I'm going to

be following up with some CB ad extra to

drive the roaches out of their harborage

and on to the residual [ __ ] to a

follow-up next week and next week we'll

do some crack and crevice baiting with

some avert dust as well as the max force

gel so we're gonna get going here on the

cockroach extermination our goal today

is to knock down as close to 99.9% of

the population okay so here we go what

I'm using today to put down as a

residual is a product called phantom and

I put it in my mixtape in my compressed

air sprayer and what I'm going to do is

treat all the cracks and crevices I

could reach in between the cabinetry

underneath the baseboards I'm going to

go on either side of the dishwasher very

importantly what we're going to do is

going to go underneath the snake under

sink areas are prime habitat for

cockroaches so what we're going to do

here is a thorough crack and crevice

treatment I'm going to treat all these

areas behind the sink underneath the lip

of the sink because this is where the

roaches are hiding let me give you a

look back there so you can see what I'm

talking about

I'm shooting with an HC v Sony camcorder

and I am now in nightshot mode shooting

with infrared what you're looking at

here is the underside of the sink and

under here you're going to find

cockroaches these areas are going to be

thoroughly treated

back here also very very important to

treat these are corners that roaches

like to harbor in now you're getting a

few of the behind the st. backsplash and

trying to squeeze in here with the

camera and you're looking up under the

right rear part of the sink there's a

pipe in the rear part of the sink and

cabinetry this is going to get

thoroughly treated as well areas such as

electrical outlets obviously cannot be

sprayed with a liquid so we're going to

use a dust inside of these we're going

to use a product called Delta dust now

we're going to go under the rear part of

the cabinet and spray behind the bottom

of the sink again using phantom here we



next area of treatment is the dishwasher

roaches are living all around the

dishwasher right left side top and in

the back so I'm going to put down the

residual again we're going to spend them

back here and ultimately we're going to

drive them out with some CBM yes sir

this is an aerosol I I reek