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How to Get Rid of Cockroaches in Electronics (4 Easy Steps)

there's no denying it we love our electronics but unfortunately German

cockroaches due to the heat our devices generate make them perfect places for

cockroaches to nest so in this video I'll show you how you can spot and treat

cockroaches in your electronics and prevent them from coming back hi I'm

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in the description below one day your devices may be working as expected the

next day maybe not so electronics can often just power down or not start at

all while this may be due to normal wear and tear or power surges there's a good

chance that German cockroaches could be harboring inside German cockroaches love

warm dark confined spaces and while they're most often found in your

kitchens and bathrooms is not uncommon to see them in your electronics such as

game consoles routers modems refrigerator motors power supplies TVs

and more devices like routers TVs and game consoles in particular we'll see a

lot of Roach activity due to their near constant use and warmth so we're going

to start our control process with how you first can identify and inspect

German cockroaches in your electronics German cockroaches only harbour indoors

and dark confined spaces so if you're seeing some Roach activity around your

electronics it's safe to assume that it's a German cockroach this can easily

be confirmed by looking at their distinct appearance while all

cockroaches share some of the same characteristics German cockroaches are

easily identified by their size German roaches typically measure only half an

inch in length they're lighter in color and they have two distinct dark lines

behind their heads that run down their backs if you're seeing other varieties

of cockroaches in or around your home check out our guides on our web site

where we cover both indoor and outdoor Roach control now that you can properly

identify German cockroaches you need to inspect your home or property for

further signs of activity check the areas around openings reports your

device may have such as vents or battery ports if intended by the manufacturer

open your device up for complete inspection they'll be sure not to damage

any of your inner components now it is possible that if your electronic device

stopped working and you haven't seen roach activity then it could just be

normal wear and tear or a power surge so when you're doing a

roach inspection you're actually looking for not only the roaches themselves the

signs of their activity this is droppings and egg casings droppings will

resemble specks of black pepper or dark smudges and smears egg casings will look

a little like brown capsules once you have confirmed German cockroach activity

in your electronics you can begin treatment before applying any pesticides

always wear your personal protective equipment first we'll start our

treatment with Apex cockroach gel bait apex is a slow killing bait so when

roaches feed on it they have time to return to the nest and spread the lethal

bait to others this creates a cascading effect wiping out other roaches and

eliminating the colony before we make our bait placements it's important to

first clean your home or property to ensure that there are no competing food

sources oftentimes these roaches are foraging on leftover foods oils and

other material around the property so addressing that is very important

be sure to that when you clean use only warm water and mild soap as chemicals

and typical household cleaners can deter roaches from bait placements next what

we're going to do is apply pea-sized drops onto something like an index or

business card and place this near the infested device we do this for two

reasons one it just makes cleanup much easier too we make bait placements near

where we know there's roach activity so that they are discouraged from foraging

away to other food sources that you might have missed during the cleanup to

ensure that there are no other Roach colonies around the property we're also

going to apply apex in areas that roaches tend to forage this would be

kitchens and bathrooms place small beads of bait inside cabinets underneath

appliances and around plumbing you'll see a reduction in roach activity in

about three to five days replenish the bait every 1 to 2 weeks until roach

activity has stopped once you've noticed a drop in activity you will then use a

residual spray to target any of the stragglers for this we're going to use

Nova side aerosol Nova side is an aerosol insecticide that is labeled to

control and not just German cockroaches but other common pests like fleas ticks

ants and more Nova sight is great to use because not only will it target the

adult German cockroaches but it will also target the younger generations it

has a built in insect growth regulator or IGR which will do

throughout the lifecycle and reproductive abilities of roaches

this will prevent eggs from hatching and younger nymphs from maturing into adults

to apply nova site we're going to hold the can upside down about 36 inches from

the floor we're going to move in a sweeping position covering about 100

square feet and 10 seconds focus on areas around your electronics and

kitchens also spray around baseboards and around the internal perimeter of

your home keep all pets and people off the treated areas until dry Nova sign

can be applied to many different floor types including carpet hardwood linoleum

tile and ceramic tile if there's any cockroaches remaining they'll crawl

through the Nova side and eventually die shop for these products on our website

by clicking the icon on the top right of the screen or click the links in the

description below once you're sure the roach activity has been eliminated from

your electronics you're gonna need to give it a thorough cleaning unplug or

disconnect the device from its power source use a screwdriver to open it up

and remove all eggs and fecal matter from the device we don't recommend using

water or liquid cleaner instead use a brush a soft cloth or a q-tip be sure

you're not voiding any manufacturer warranties by opening up the device more

prevention steps would be to make sure your home or property is kept clean

be sure to sweep up any food crumbs remove excess moisture and clean any

oils or grease off stove tops and counter tops and finally be sure to

follow up with preventative applications of Nova side every three to six months

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