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How to Get Rid Of Roaches In an Apartment - The Guardians Choice

no matter which of the many species of

roaches you may have in your apartment

you have probably noticed that they are

quick sneaky and difficult to get rid of

these pests are adaptable and efficient

and they breed quickly there is no one

simple solution to a roach infestation

but a combination of approaches can be

effective get rid of roaches in an

apartment by using pesticide dusts

setting up bait stations or trying

additional methods like setting traps or

bringing in a professional exterminator

you can also take steps to prevent them

from returning how to get rid of roaches

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using baits 1 purchase some baits baits

are one of the safest and most effective

ways to eliminate roaches they work over

an extended period of time

and can either kill roaches directly

when roaches eat the bait or indirectly

when roaches eat the poison feces or

corpses of those that have already

sampled the bait you can purchase baits

in the form of small containers filled

with date bait stations or dispensable

gels a variety of bait gels and baited

traps are available from most hardware

stores drug stores and supermarkets

common brand names include avert blue

diamond combat and max force

to make your own baits you can make

effective baits out of a variety of

household ingredients try one of these

bait recipes mix small equal portions of

white flour cocoa oak meal boric acid

and plaster-of-paris

mix 2 teaspoons 10 milliliters of citrus

pulp 3/4 teaspoon about 4 milliliters of

brown sugar 1/2 teaspoon 2.5 milliliters

of cornmeal and 1/4 teaspoon 1.25

milliliters of boric acid bain't

mixtures containing boric acid should be

kept out of reach of children and pets 3

place bait stations place bait stations

in identified problem areas bait

stations are most effective if set up in

areas where cockroaches are known to

gather such as cabinets the spaces

behind in under appliances and areas

where food and moisture are readily

available such as bathrooms and kitchens

avoid leaving your bait stations out in

the open they are more likely to be

effective and less likely to be found by

pets and children if they are placed

under air between appliances in dark

corners and inside cabinets if you made

your own bait

put it in a small container like a

shallow bowl or a plastic food storage

container lid and place it as you would

a commercial bait station


for use bait gels in small spaces bait

gel is ideal for cracks and crevices

where cockroaches like to hide but we're

regular bait stations will not fit 5

change and replace your bait stations

frequently since bait stations serve as

food sources for roaches they will

become empty quickly in areas where

roaches gather empty bait stations can

serve as hiding places for cockroaches

how quickly your bait stations become

empty will depend on how many roaches

you have commercial baits may include

instructions to replace your baits every

three to six months or more frequently

if roaches returned before the

recommended period ends if you make your

own baits inspect them every few weeks

and replace them once the bait is

depleted or cockroaches begin to

reappear 6 make sure other food sources

are not available for baits to be

effective they must serve as the roaches

primary food source clean up and put

away food in areas where your traps are

set up part 2 using pesticide dusts 1

purchase one or more pesticide dusts

three basic types are available silica

has found in products like Delta dust or

safer ant and crawling insect killer D

atom Asia's earth roach and ant killer D

dust and boric acid board pit boric or

Roach proof silica and diatomaceous

earth work by damaging and desiccating

the cockroaches excess Kelvin while

boric acid is highly toxic to roaches

when ingested borax sodium boric is

often used as a homemade roach pesticide

floor ax contains the same element boron

as boric acid but may be less effective

as a pesticide to place pesticide dusts

place pesticide dusts in places where

roaches hide these dusts should be used

sparingly roaches will notice and avoid

big piles of dust use a small pesticide

duster to puffin thin barely visible

film into cracks void spaces around

cabinets and underneath appliances

reapply your dusts every three to four

months or is recommended by the


three keep pesticide dusts away from

pets and children although these

pesticides are relatively safe they can

still be harmful be especially cautious

when using dusts that contain boric acid

do not use these dusts on surfaces where

food is prepared or consumed part three

using other approaches one vacuum

approaches vacuum approaches when you

see them this is a quick and effective

way to spot treat your roach problem if

you see live roaches droppings or egg

cases vacuum them up and dispose of your

vacuum bag or the contents of your

vacuum canister in a garbage container

outside of your building to set sticky

traps and jar traps these types of traps

can help reduce the number of roaches in

your apartment and can also be useful

for helping you identify areas in your

apartment where roaches are most likely

to gather you can purchase sticky traps

in most hardware stores drugstores or

department stores you can make your own

traps by lining the inside of a jar with

Vaseline and placing a slightly moist

piece of bread and some slices of raw

potato inside as bait you can kill the

roaches you trap in the jar by filling

the jar with soapy water dispose of the

trapped roaches in a garbage container

outside your building

three hire a licensed professional to

treat hire a licensed professional to

treat your apartment pest control

experts are permitted to use chemicals

that private citizens are not such as a

vermin contact your landlord to find out

if they already have a working

relationship with an exterminator in

your area

part for keeping roaches out of your


one talk to your property manager talk

to your property manager our building

supervisor even if you eliminate roaches

from your specific apartment they will

keep returning if the building is not

treated roaches can inhabit the walls

and spaces between units or travel

between units in a building

to eliminate all roach food sources they

love the carbohydrates and sugar found

in your food soaps and even plants keep

food for humans and pets in glass or

plastic containers with lids that fit

tightly transfer any food that you keep

in bags boxes or other materials that

are easy for roaches to chew through

replace bar soap with liquid soap

dispensers and spread a bit of petroleum

jelly on plant holders and pots to keep

roaches away from the plants in your

apartment keep garbage compost and

recycling in tightly sealed containers

and take out your garbage frequently

three keep problem areas clean crumbs

spills and stains will attract roaches

clean kitchen surfaces thoroughly after

preparing food sweep up crumbs and mop

up spills immediately scrub inside

cabinets and around in under appliances

take extra care to sweep and scrub up

any Roach droppings that you find since

these can attract other roaches

for pick up clutter roach

like to hide in boxes stacks of paper or

piles of laundry avoid storing paper

bags magazines or newspapers on the

floor or in cabinets

five eliminates sources of moisture keep

your bathroom and kitchen as dry as

possible if you have leaky pipes or worn

grout bring them to your landlords

attention mop up spilled water

immediately and wipe down sinks and

bathtubs immediately after use you may

wish to empty pet water dishes overnight

six check for cracks and holes roaches

travel in and out of walls doors and

windows through cracks as small as 1/5

inch 0.5 centimeters check your window

screens doors and walls for holes or

other damage put weatherstripping over

any cracks in your doors cracks and

holes in the walls can be repaired with

spackle or caulk you may wish to consult

with your landlord before attempting any

repairs yourself

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