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how to get rid of roaches cockroaches fast safe and no chemicals odder

hey guys welcome back to another how-to

video this one's actually a pretty kind

of disgusting video is about how to get

rid of your roach infestation if you

have some there are three items that you

are going to need you're going to want

to pick up a bottle of apple juice the

brand does not matter as long as it's

apple juice I picked this one up from

the 99-cent store I do not know what

attracts them to it but they end up in a

glass as soon as you put it down like

the second day or the first you might

not see them the first day for the

second day you're going to start seeing

a couple of them in the glass or a lot

of them in the glass second thing second

item you are going to need is duct tape

make sure it's the 3m brand where as

long is is really sticky you could

actually go for the gorilla brand as

well but that one's about $15 the other

one is $6 oh yeah

third item you are going to need is

glass cups you're going to want to set

the glass cups all around either by the

fridge area or wherever you see the

water is coming out from but you want to

clean the inside of the club crystal

clear 100% clean from the inside you got

to wipe it from the inside you got wipe

it down the outside you don't wipe it

down you kind of just want to leave it

kind of wet and let it dry out or kind

of put your fingerprints all over it so

the roaches are able to climb up in it

and as soon as they get to the top

they're just going to end up falling

because they won't have no grip also

they were in the falling board and then

end up Drowning or whatever it happens

to them when they fall in there the one

reason I'm asking is to say to use a

glass cup is because I tried it with

this mug and this is what happened they

do not fall in the glass they actually

just have a pretty good grip in there

and now yeah it will not work with a

with a mug so

and another thing is if you guys are

going to do this try it at your own risk

make sure if you have kids around make

sure you pick up the glasses in the

morning if you're going to be setting

them up at nighttime which is more

convenient but anyways once you do that

you're gonna want to fill up the glass

cup halfway or less than halfway or

probably a little a little bit halfway

or a little bit less than half

preferably and the second thing is

you're going to want to clean up your

kitchen once you clean up the kitchen

you don't you want to kind of leave it

sink a little bit dirty to attract the

roaches then you put in your duct tape

all around it like you see here you put

the duct tape all around the sink in a

circular oh and you want to kind of keep

your sink a little bit dirty food few

dishes and all that but you you do not

want to cook during this and if you do

have to cook then make sure you clean up

right after you do not want to leave a

mess because if you do mess again

they're gonna not end up going into the

sink and they're gonna keep on eating on

the dirty areas so you want to keep your

kitchen water percent clean and just

keep all the dirty stuff in the sink and

this will get rid of your problem will

be a roach problem I promise you so this

is the first tape with a few watches

already on them stuck on it as you can

see I added a corn dog or bone what else

and a dirty plate and it just attracts

them to them like the big roaches are

attracted to oil and the little ones are

attracted to the apple juice mostly for

some reason I'm not sure why so then

this is the second one

oh this is the cup the first cup so I

think the apple juice evaporates or

something because you know what if you

leave water we was not going to zip it's

not going to bury that clay I produced

evaporated or it was gone like within

the first three days so I don't know

what what happens with the apple juice

anyways right here this is the second

one I already replaced the other two the

old tape and I added a new one as well

as the last cup of juice as you can see

it's a lot more fuller

it's full of those babies over every

column and that's what you want to get

that's what you want to get rid of

because without babies there is no

future for the rest of the roaches

hahaha anyways guys hopefully you guys

like this video and I hope it will help

you out let me know your comments if it

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