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How To Get Rid of Bed Bugs - Ace Hardware


bedbugs anyone can get them they come

out at night and bite you in your sleep

and anyone can get rid of them with

Harris bedbug products to kill bedbugs

and bedrooms kill their eggs to kill

bedbugs where they hide

don't let bedbugs become an infestation

Harris kills bed bugs and stops

infestations Harris is the oldest EPA

approved pest brand in America getting

bedbugs can be extremely damaging and be

quite costly to eliminate today I'm

going to use Harris EPA registered

products and walk you through four steps

to eliminate bed bugs I'm going to focus

only on the steps for elimination and

prevention for tips on identifying

bedbugs and more information on where

they come from you can visit our website

at the link below step 1

you need to remove all bed linens and

pillows and place them in a plastic

garbage bag be sure to tie the top so no

bugs can escape take these bags straight

to the washing machine wash using hot

water and dry out high heat for a

minimum of 30 minutes step 2

prepare a ready to use bed bug killer

that kills resistant bed bugs and their

eggs pour the Harris resistant bedbug

killer into the Harris tank sprayer no

mixing is required simply pour into the

tank and you'll be ready to spray first

focus on the bed and apply the liquid to

the mattresses seams and the box springs

according to label directions then

transition to other parts of the room

where bedbugs may be hiding common areas

include carpets and rugs baseboards

picture frames and other cracks and

crevices allow for up to one hour for

the spray to dry and the spray is

registered with the Environmental

Protection Agency for use in hotels with

people and pets around just be sure to

let the spray dry completely before

re-entering the area and be sure to

always follow label directions step 3

once the spray is dried fill the Harris

powder duster with the Harris resistance

to the cap outer the powder is great for

hard-to-reach areas turn the duster

upside down and apply a light dusting in

entries and perimeters and in cracks and

crevices also don't forget to remove

plates to apply into walls where bugs

may be hiding the powder like the spray

is going to provide a residual effect

that will continue to kill and prevent

long after the initial application just

make sure it's kept dry to remain

effective you can also use the brush to

apply the powder to hanging surfaces

like the backs of mirrors or the backs

of pictures furniture or the headboard

step 4

encase your mattress and box springs

with a Harris mattress encasement cover

or another cover meant for bedbugs these

encasement covers will help to prevent

bed bugs from entering or exiting the

mattress eliminating hiding places

replace the freshly washed linens on the

bed to complete the treatment finally

it's always a good idea to treat the

rooms next to the room with bedbugs

because the insects often travel through

the walls and show up in rooms nearby

we're here to help you with ninety years

in the pest control business Harris is a

name you can trust with Harris sleep

tight don't let the bedbugs bite