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Kill Ringworm Instantly (Using Garlic)

hi guys welcome to ecuador homesteads

today in this video I'm gonna be showing

you how to kill ringworm instantly keep

watching okay so you're probably

wondering what is ringing or maybe you

know what it is maybe you don't if I'm

gonna give real quick backdrop and what

it is and then we'll get moving in and

how to kill it okay so ringworm is

basically like a fungus that grows on

your skin it's not a worm it what

happened was at the beginning when they

first were discovering they thought it

was a worm but then they discovered it

wasn't but and and they kept the name so

that's kind of a backdrop on ringworm

okay so now let's move into how you can

kill ringworm now a beginning when we

got here in Ecuador we got a cat and

this cat actually was infested with

ringworm and it got all through our

family when you Ted when you touch the

ringworm and you it's yourself that's

how its spread it's very it can spread

very easy that way when you itch the the

ringworm and you and then you it just

never touched some or some other part of

your body it will spread to there so

it's very easily spread and so we got

this cat brought it in the house and we

all got ringworm and at the beginning we

were kind of using a cream we're using

Clorox it really wasn't working very

well I mean it was okay it was keeping

it down but it just wasn't like getting

rid of it really quick well we then

somebody recommended to us a way to kill

it almost instantly and that's what I'm

gonna be showing you today the secret is

this garlic garlic is very a very potent

very it's like a superfood so it's very

strong and it can definitely without a

doubt kill ringworm and not only does it

kill ringworm but it also can kill

various other types of fun skin funguses

that grow on your skin as well so how

would you use this to kill it well what

I would do is I would probably chop it

up or put it in a garlic press press it

up then take it and put it on the part

of where your where the where your the

green one is and then cover it with

something like a bandage or something

and then wait for about 8 hours or 12

hours and well then when should take it

off it'll be dead so one thing you need

to keep in mind is that it's gonna sting

really bad when you put it on so that's

just one thing to keep in mind and all

so after eight hours you take it off

you're also going to have a period where

it blisters for example my dad had a

very big a very big one on his hand it

was like this big literally it was

really big and so what he did was he

took some garlic and he put it all the

way on his hand and then strapped it

down and it burned all the way through

the night it was really hurting but in

the day in the morning it was pretty it

was dead now now after this you got to

realize there's gonna be a blister left

over and there's gonna be it's gonna

blister a little bit but it's gonna be

dead it's just kind of the after-effects

of using garlic but if you don't want to

use straight garlic which is kind of

hard for like children because then they

have to deal with the stinging of it for

eight hours and then they also have to

deal with the blister afterwards if you

don't want to do that you also can use a

slower way and do a garlic adult garlic

oil and I'll leave a link in the YouTube

card above where you can see how to make

that so go ahead and shake check that

out you just take that and spread it

over the the fungus and that'll take

care of it and not only this garlic does

not only work for just got ringworm it

also works for a host of other funguses

when there's ever fungus that we have

that's grown on our hands or anything we

just result the garlic take it on put it

on there and it kills it immediately all

the time it works so I thought I'd share

this insight with you hope you enjoyed

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