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Fungus on the Skin - 3 Tips to Treat Ringworm

ringworm which is not a worm but a

fungus is quite common and transferred

from person to person via touch but it's

also completely treatable using

over-the-counter medications which are

first-line anyway so today I'll show you

tips on how to treat it at home as part

of a video series about potentially

embarrassing fungal conditions just in

time for the summer heat and sweat a

fungus magnet

what's up healthy people I'm dr. Matt

hose at the mass energy channel here to

help save the busy person and

unnecessary visit to the doctor now

ringworm or what we call tinea corporis

and fancy doctor lingo our rashes that

are typically nice and round and red the

edges are often raised in red and the

center of it is typically less red are

seemingly clearing out with sometimes

mild scaling over the top they tend to

itch but not usually severely and it can

grow in size if left untreated or spread

to other body areas kids are notoriously

known for ringworm but I've seen it

plenty of times in adults as well so

here are three tips to help get rid of

these skin intruders here we go number

one head for the local pharmacy and

search for clotrimazole 1% Queen or

alternatively you can get Mike on Azov

cream then apply this two to three times

a day to the rash for up to a month like

I've mentioned in my prior videos fungus

is slow to your addict eight but the

rash gradually lightens through time

number two use the antifungal cream

until the rash is no longer visible and

then one more week because even

microscopic amounts left can over grow

number three avoid using hydrocortisone

cream or any steroid creams for that

matter because they don't work on

ringworm or fungus and can even

exacerbate and feed them more now if you

don't notice a change after several

weeks of faithful use of the

over-the-counter antifungal there are

prescription pill options although they

are often tough on the liver so

therefore not first-line but if you

don't respond to the first-line that

it's time to schedule that visit with

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