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Cure Ringworm Using Turmeric - Homeveda

Bingham is the fungal infection of the

skin it can affect various parts of the

body including scalp fingers nails

groin and feet this disease is highly

contagious and leads to a pimple or a

soul which then develops into an

oval-shaped red scaly patch of skin

there are some effective antifungal

solutions prepared from easy to get

ingredients that will help you curing

warm take two teaspoons of mustard seeds

powder add a little water to this mix

this well to make a thick paste apply

this directly on the affected area you

may do this till the infection clear

mustard seeds have amazing antifungal

properties that are very effective in

curing even the toughest case of

ringworm take half a cup of freshly

chopped turmeric root in a blender add a

cup of water blend this well

now apply this paste on the affected


use this remedy until you see the basket

clear turmeric has excellent

antibacterial and antifungal properties

which destroys all kinds of fungi

without leaving any scope of

reoccurrence don't share towel bedding

or clothes with an infected person also

make sure that the bedding and clothes

are frequently washed avoid scratching

or touching the infected area wash your

hands thoroughly if you do touch the

area this will prevent the infection

from spreading to another part of your

body or to another person

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