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Can Apple Cider Vinegar really get rid of ringworm?

hello and welcome to the daily digestion

channel and in this video I have a

ringworm and we're going to be putting

apple cider vinegar to the test to see

if it will get rid of and kill ringworm

which is otherwise known as tinnitus

this is actually a fungus it's not

actually a worm which is really good to

know because I was a little concerned

but it's raised

it's definitely raised it's definitely

in a ring it sinks down in the middle

which is characteristic of ringworm and

I've had ringworm before when I was

younger and I remember this is exactly

what it looks like actually my children

have had ringworm before it's not a big

deal I think everybody gets it once in

their life but so we're gonna go ahead

I've looked up homeopathic remedies and

we're going to look up the homeopathic

remedy I mean we looked up and we're

gonna try apple cider vinegar I've heard

that apple cider vinegar will get rid of

this and I've heard that before

so we're gonna put it to the test and

see if it works so let's get started

this is day one

okay the apple cider vinegar we're going

to be using is this is organic and it's

simply nature non-gmo apple cider

vinegar five percent acidity with the


it's unpasteurized with enzymes

unfiltered and gluten free and guys this

is some really good stuff you always

want to make sure if you get the apple

cider vinegar if it's got the mother on

the bottom it settles on the bottom and

it's a darker brown underneath there so

we're gonna put this on a cotton ball


hold on just a minute we don't have that

truck okay guys we're just gonna rub

that on you can see it in the light much

better over here that you can see the

ring and the whiteness in the middle but

so we're going to do this every day and

you want to make sure from what I

understand that you rub it all around

that you rub it on the outside of the

area as well so you want to rub the

medicine on a you know a couple of

centimeters around the outside of the

parameter so it is burning a little bit

but it feels good and I'm just going to

kind of keep that on there for a few

minutes to make sure he gets down in

there and kills that fungus so this is

the first application and feels like it

is doing something so I like this idea a

lot better than the crushed garlic

crushed garlic with olive oil was

something that you could do but I

thought okay I don't want to make that

so if you don't want to use the apple

cider vinegar if you don't have apple

cider vinegar and you have garlic you

can take some cloves of garlic and crush

it up and put some a little bit of olive

oil in the crushed garlic and you know

make like a little poultice like a

little salve and use that as the remedy

so I just did I thought this was much

easier to open up a bottle of you know

this is so much easier to do it this way

so we're gonna do this way and we're

just gonna let it dry really good and I

think this is gonna dry it out this

makes total sense to me

so this application okay guys this is

day two and I have been putting this on

my little area and I have to say it is

shrinking and it is drying up and it's

it's drying up and when I put the apple

cider vinegar on there it stings and you

can see that it's red and it's like kind

of I don't want to be gross but scabby

okay guys it's day four and I don't know

if you can tell but it's definitely

going away I have managed to put you

know about a couple of applications a

day on the first day I did three and

with each day other day day two day

three day four I've only been able to

put like two applications on because of

my schedule and so forth but guys this

morning I woke up it was not even

itching I forgot that it was even there

so it's really gone down I don't know if

you you can't really tell well I think

you probably can but it has gone down

tremendously like it is just it's not

raised up like it was it was it was

definitely raised up off of my skin now

it's more flush with my skin and it's

just the swelling has gone down it's not

itching it's definitely going away

yesterday I was not so sure about it but

today there's been a major breakthrough

it's healing up quite nicely

okay guys so here it is the final

product you can see that it's Hilde up

and I have chilli bumps so it's really

hard to see my skin doesn't look but

it's all cleared up there's a few little

bumps but it's clear it's clear you can

see it's healed up there's no more


there's no more room so it worked it

worked the apple cider vinegar worked it

would have worked better if I had put it

on there but religiously like I was

supposed to but unfortunately I did not

he was like a days ago about putting it

on there and I kind of you know let

other things get in the way so I'm sure

it probably would have held up in two

weeks like it was supposed to but

instead it took longer you know about

three weeks to heal up because I was

getting distracted like so many days

would happened where I would have other

things that would get in the way I wake

up and I would forget to put it on and

then I would go to bed at night and I

had completely went a whole day without

putting it the apple cider vinegar on

and you're supposed to put it on there

three times a day and it max I would put

it on two times a day so I'm sure if you

put the apple cider vinegar on three

times a day it would probably go away

within a week but unfortunately I live

in a very sporadic ly stressful

environment to where you know I have

constantly kids pets has been in my home

you know interfering and plus I'm trying

to write a business in a YouTube


go figure but you know guys the apples I

just want to say the apple cider vinegar

worked and you should definitely try it

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