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What causes Scalp Ringworm?| Effective Treatment | | Tinea Capitis - Dr. Tina Ramachander


hi I'm dr. Tina run children I'm a

consultant dermatologist laser and Derby

- surgeon here a doctor Tina skin

solutions are carnival bandar-log so

fungal infections of the scalp are

commonly called as scalp ringworms this

is not a bomb but an organism like a

virus or a bacteria which is not visible

to the naked eye but it causes

infections of the hair skin and nails

the specific group of fungus which

causes the scalp infections it belongs

to a group called as durmitor fighting

fungus now this is something which is

fairly common in school-going children

it's characterized by a formation of a

greyish or a scaly patch on the scalp

where there is loss of hair the children

usually come clean of excessive itching

this is one sort of presentation the

other sort of presentation is when there

is formation of past collisions or

pustules and pain or mass like

appearance on the scalp the treatment of

this is a antifungal therapy which

includes oral medications and

applications so this is a skin condition

which can be very well controlled with

the usage of application medications and

oral tablets