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Treating Your Child : How to Treat Pediatric Ringworms

hi I'm dr. David Hill and today we're

going to be talking about how to treat

pediatric ringworm what is ringworm I'll

tell you what it's not it's not a worm

that's the good news people are worried

there might be a worm there it's a it's

something much more pleasant than worm

it's a fungus right that sounds much

better than warm it is it's a fungus we

all carry fungi on our skins they're one

of the many passengers who live on us

and usually the fungi don't cause us any

problem but especially in children who

may have slightly weaker immune systems

than older children and adults those

fungi may cause a rash on the skin it

usually starts a little red bump or a

little red spot that spreads out and the

hallmark of a ringworm rash is that is

the leading edge advances the middle of

it tends to clear forming the ring

usually the ring is composed of some red

bumps there may be some finer bumps or

scale in the middle it may it usually

doesn't itch a whole lot usually there's

only two or three patches sometimes just

one patch if you see lots and lots of

patches it's probably something else

like eczema or psoriasis rather than

ringworm now treating ringworm once

you've identified it is very simple the

medicines they sell over the counter to

treat ringworm and athlete's foot

tinactin clotrimazole mikonos ol

ketoconazole these medicines are great

most of them work for most of the ring

worms sometimes one won't work for a

specific fungi there are several that

cause this disease so you have to change

the key is to know that the fungus is

beyond the ring so when you see that

ring you want to put the fungus on for a

good inch around where the lesion is the

other thing is you have to treat for a

long time usually about three to four

weeks you want to treat till the ring is

gone and then treat for another week

that's the hard part because the ring is

not there to remind you anymore that you

need to treat but you really do want to

go ahead and get that last week of

treatment in to keep it from coming back

talking about how to treat pediatric

wing worm I'm dr. David Hill