get rid


hi guys today I would like to show you

how to get rid of ringworm

if you think that your get is indoor and

it's impossible to catch air really warm

you're wrong because if you live

especially in the private house you can

see on the street there are a lot of

street cats in our neighborhood so and

as you can see that the floor is right

there that's why we always recommend to

take off your shoes before you walk in

there in your house by the way

that's how kittens can get any parasites

or real worms if you leave the shoes and

they love to play with your shoes so be

careful because if they lick lick it it

can easily get into their body and your

kid can get sick so we usually don't

give a bath to our kids because they

clean themselves but if if you ever want

to like give a bath maybe like once in a

year or once in six months it's better

to use this shampoo it's not like on the

shampoo its antifungal and antibacterial

so it smells good it's not gonna you

know do anything bad to your cat so you

use this shampoo and I will show you

also what you need to do if you see that

when you if you're given or cat got

really warm so first you need to give

them a bath and then you need to I will

show you how to use this one so it's a

lime dip you need to put your ketamine

in in the bath with this one

then how you know it kills the ringworm

and then some doctors don't even know

about it but my doctor told me that this

is this entire eight fungal really helps

to get rid of ringworm especially if

your cat is not a kitten like over let's

say four months six months old so this

one is good so you know to take to get

rid of ringworm okay so this one it's

wipes you can use it because you cannot

lick you know properly wash the face

so this wipes you can use to completely

clean the face of your cat so sorry easy

to where it was by the way we have you

know cats are making baby so it will be

like sound sorry okay so besides washing

giving birth to a cat you need to clean

everywhere so the best cleaning is

bleach so so you can use any spray

bottle and just put it in the bleach I

mean in the bleach you can put it in

this spray bottle and just bring so much

everywhere well if you don't have to do

out like your couches you know but you

can you know it's better if you throw

out their beds you know and even with

Ken trees you can order it for fifty

dollars more but then you know

be sure that you don't have a ring warm

so and okay now let's give a bet to your

so use properly yg you need to check

where is it saying the proper dosage I'm

not sure where it days okay so it's at

four ounces of lime deep to one gallon

of water and mix it well

oh by the way I forgot to tell you that

it smells so bad it smells like it's

like boiled eggs or something

so don't pay attention you know and I'm

liking that I have this thing so it's

very convenient to watch little babies


put this away actually you know you need

to have a lot of pants or you need to

you can use even towel but you know I'd

rather use this best and then throw it

away and that's all okay now you need to

get your cat or kitten and give it a

bath with the shampoo so let's do it

but first before you wash it yet you

need to make sure you cut its nails

because cats don't like water and you

know it's always too better to cut their

nails so you just push a little bit and

cut you know on the tip that's all


Ethan's has have five fingers on the

front paws and four fingers on the back



good boy now yeah it usually don't like

it but we need to give it a bath make

sure the temperature is warm enough so

just do it like you like for you not so



please be careful

good ears so you just need to make it

wet make the first face wet


using this shampoo cell you we just put

it on on the hair and and slowly wash it


very careful and make sure your rings we

keep them very good so always remember


so now you need support a given be

careful so the Kiran don't swallow any

of this water its mouth very bad so make

sure the Kiran hazard everywhere be

careful remember ears

remember there


okay so be careful with ice and that's

when we need to have those wipes I know


good boy all right

now make sure your event is warm enough

and so now make sure your chicken is

warm enough now we need to the face with

this wipes all right some very gentle

because remember the ring warm they lick

paws and it can be everywhere so and

then you can you can just make it dry

take it on with a towel or what yeah

it's better to do it with the towel or

you can give it like though you can dry

it with a hair dryer yes but they're

freaking out so it it's up to you if

it's cool it's a warm enough in your

apartment you know you don't have to

stress be giving out but if it's cold

make sure the kitten is drawing

I hope you liked this video and if you

do what you like

don't forget and leave a comment if you

want me to tell you about specific topic

we will make a video special for you

thank you bye

so I closed them in my bathroom I put

some heat in here so they can be you

know warm so they are nice and clean

mouth right I know you didn't like it