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Removing white water rings and heat stains from wood furniture | THE ULTIMATE GUIDE | NEW VERSION

hey guys we have a great video for you

today what we're gonna do is we're going

to go over all the different methods for

how to remove heat stains and water

marks from furniture we're gonna use an

iron lecture loominator we are going to

use a lot of home remedies like manis

oils peaking soda we're also gonna do

Howard's restore finish so we're going

to go over a lot of different ways find

out what works find out what doesn't

work and I'm going to show you my

favorite so I think you're really going

to find this informative and I'm pretty

sure that by the end of this you're

gonna have a good idea of how to go

about it and how to take care of the

water rings and the heat locks and in



okay so quickly before we get into this

video what I want to do is show you an

extreme example of what we're dealing

with when we have water damage now what

we have here is there is a pot on this

and this is an extreme example so

obviously this really isn't what we're

going to be dealing with because it's

not white anymore and this is really

beyond repair we'd have to refinish this

however you can still see the outline

here of where the planter was so what

these white marks are from the heat and

the water is its moisture that gets

trapped into the finish then what

happens is this moisture creates a

little pockets so you get these tiny

microscopic pockets in the finish and

what that does is you start to lose your

clarity and you can actually see that

right here okay so you've lost the

clarity of the finish so basically what

you want to do is you want to eliminate

these small pockets that moisture that's

in the finish that creates that cloud

that evaporates fairly quickly and then

you're just left with these tiny little

pockets you lose the clarity of the

finish and all we really need to do is

eliminate those pockets or in some cases

fill those pockets in other cases with

heat you sort of soften the finish which

again fills those pockets with the blush

Eliminator you do something called reom

alga mate finish again you're basically

eliminating of those little microscopic

pockets that's ultimately what we're

trying to do so you'll find in different

types of furniture with different

finishes different methods will work

different methods work on different

furniture because they have different

finishes in different states of

condition so what works for one won't

work for another so we'll leave that to

you to figure out which one's work on

your furniture and which ones don't

again just because some methods work in

this video and some methods don't work

that doesn't mean that the results will

be the same on the piece of furniture

that you're working on so just let us

know in the comments we would love to

hear from you which ones work for you

which ones didn't and what you thought

about our video thank you and enjoy the