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How To Get Rid Of Toilet Bowl Ring

hi folks today we're gonna try to get

rid of a stubborn toy the bull ring that

won't go away with normal cleaners hey

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alright this toilet ball is actually

clean but you can see the toilet ring

around here I've stopped the water so

that it didn't fill up the normal height

but you can see that nasty toilet ring

it will not come out and just to kind of

prove it I'm gonna clean it again right


alright this is just a toilet wand some

disinfectant stuff built into it and

even scrubbing it I can see it's not

coming up nope it's still there now

touring is usually happen on older

toilets and it just takes time for water

deposits to build up but this is what

I'm gonna be using a pumice stick they

sell it as a scouring stick at any Home

Depot or Lowe's cost about two bucks and

it looks like this and this is a very

lightweight pumice stick pumice comes in

different coarseness levels of

coarseness this is very fine it's kind

of like sandpaper they sell them in very

fine after very coarse

this is a very fine one so it should not

scratch porcelain although I say it

should not it can so be gentle with it

you'll find really coarse pumice ticks

for jobs like scouring scale off of

swimming pool tiles a really thick stuff

so the idea is to get this wet first and

then you'll hear a as this thing of

braids this will wear away you'll hear

this this sound

as this is the ring starts to erode away

you may have to do this a little bit but

you can see it's just starting to wear

away on that corner


so please behind that the grain is

having a stick notice how keep it in a

little way it's hard to see exactly what

is left and because of this great stuff

that's left behind it the sticky room

you can see it's one away a little bit I

flushed the toilet and ice it looks to

me like along the back here the ring is

still just slightly visible so I want to

hit this again but up here in the front

this whole area here is is really clean

so I get that area again let's see I

still got a little area over here



and that was super easy well I hope that

video helped you out that was super easy

and my friend the little scouring stick

here did a great job and this is big

enough to do pub your thousand toilets

it just hardly wore away at all if you

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