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How To Lose Water Weight, How To Get Rid Of Water Weight

there is no doubt that water is very

important to the human body water plays

a vital role in every aspect of life and

the body contains around 70% of it

however it becomes a problem when the

body retains excess water which is a

common side effect of chronic

inflammation this can be as a result of

poor diet toxin exposure food

intolerances and diseases like kidney

failure which is likely to impact

negatively on your appearance and

overall quality of life explained in

this short video are six effective ways

of reducing water weight fast and safe

one minimize your sodium intake

minimizing your intake of sodium is one

of the important steps to take in order

to reduce bloat because of its immediate

effect on the way kidney controls water

balance in the body maybe you don't know

it but too much salt can make the body

to retain water thereby leading to

swelling and bloating it's recommended

that no single individual should exceed

2,400 milligrams of sodium roughly a

teaspoon full of salt a day to take more

water water helps in flushing out excess

sodium from the blood stream and this

releases retained water from your body

so you should drink at least 64 ounces

of water each day 3 eat potassium rich

foods one of the essential elements in

the guide that's responsible for fluid

balance in the body is potassium fluid

retention in the body can be caused by a

low amount of potassium

include fruits like banana apricots

oranges mango avocado and papaya in your

diet as well as vegetables and legumes

such as carrots a corn peas dried beans

artichokes and lentils focusing on foods

with potassium may help your body

release excess water 4 engage in at

least 30 minutes of physical activity

one of the best ways to get rid of

excess water weight is to get your body

sweating you can do this by engaging in

at least 30 minutes of exercise every

week this will boost your metabolism and

heart rate more still sweat into an

exercise draws substances such as sodium

out to the pores of the body thereby

reducing the possibility of water weight

5 consume water loss supplements there

are many water loss supplements in the

form of pills in the marketplace today

you can use these supplements to speed

up the water weight loss process 6 sleep

for additional 30 minutes every

not many people sleep the recommended

eight hours of sleep every day however

if you're looking to cut down your water

weight you should add additional 30

minutes to your sleep hours doctors

recommend at least nine hours of sleep

daily for individuals that want to get

rid of water weight fast these tips can

help you be on your way to losing water

weight fast without having to starve

while keeping you healthy and happy and

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