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ELIMINATE WATER RETENTION - Home Remedies, Food, and Supplements to Lower Swelling, Fluid Retention

water retention is a very common health

condition that appears if for example

you have kidney failure high blood

pressure diabetes and many other health

problems this occurs when excess fluids

builds up inside the body causing water

retention edema swelling of hands feet

ankle or legs in any case there are many

simple tricks and home remedies you can

use to relieve this condition so in

today's video I'm gonna reveal 8 simple

tricks and home remedies you can use to

treat fluid retention naturally and

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this topic water retention occurs when

excess fluids build up inside the body

and this is also known as fluid

retention fluid retention cause edema

and can cause a swelling of hands feet

ankles or even legs and there are

several reasons to why this happens

people who are physically inactive like

those who are bedridden or sitting down

for long periods of time during a day

are or can be affected some women

experience water attention during for

example pregnancy or before their

monthly period due to hormonal changes

but water retention can also be a

symptom of severe medical conditions

like kidney disease or even heart

failure so in today's video I'm gonna

reveal 8 simple tricks and home remedies

you can use to treat fluid retention

naturally and effectively number 1 eat

less salt table salt the salt you use in

everyday use is made from sodium and

chloride and believe it or not can be

one of the main causes for water

retention sodium has a function of

binding to water in the body to maintain

that balance of fluids but both inside

and outside of cells and in simple terms

wherever sodium goes water goes where

if you eat many meals with high sodium

content like processed foods potato

chips etc your body will retain water

salty foods are the biggest dietary

source for sodium most common advice to

reduce water retention and the cheapest

one for that matter also is to decrease

sodium intake let's say you go to the

doctor with kidney or heart problems and

you have fluid retention the first piece

of advice the doctor should give you is

to reduce sodium intake scientifically

several studies have found that

increased sodium intake leads to an

increased retention of fluids inside the

body so it's that simple so now you

don't reduce sodium intake number to

increase your magnesium intake magnesium

is a very important mineral and the lack

of magnesium has been tied to the

reduced digestive and urinary function I

have an entire video on magnesium

deficiency symptoms if you want to check

it out right after this episode I must

say it's a must

magnesium is involved in more than 300

enzymatic reactions that keep the body

functioning but with regards to water

retention it speeds up the branch of the

nervous system in charge of accelerating

that kidney filtration and that urinary

excretion of production this is known as

the parasympathetic nervous system in

one study scientists found that 200

members in magnesium per day reduced

water attention to women with

premenstrual symptoms so you know this

type of water attention is caused by the

varying of hormone cycles in women if

you need a quality magnesium formula for

water attention you can find one at dr.

land of our calm

it's called magnesite this product might

also help you sleep better relieve

constipation reduce stress and much more

and if you prefer to eat foods that are

high in magnesium

you can try eating nuts leafy green

vegetables avocados etc number three

find yourself a good diuretic supplement

formula whether or not some herbs and

dietary supplements by the way have a

powerful diuretic effect and some of

these can provide very great results

some of these herbs include over irsie

cranberry dandelion Hawthorne and many

other herbs that not only alleviate

water attention but also improve kidney

function let's take over

irsie for example this plant has played

an important role in kin

and urinary health around the globe for

centuries it's proven to be so effective

that it's remained a common approach to

urinate tract infections and kidney

stones for a long period of time and

just like OVA OC there are other herbs

not so common herbs that provide an

excellent result for water attention the

only problem with having so many

different options is that it's sometimes

difficult to find them all by themselves

at dr. Lanyon viacom you'll be able to

find a quality suppling for kidney

function called URI essence this formula

has been carefully formula with over

twenty ingredients in extracts to

improve kidney function and improve

water excretion number four move around

but if you're not movement is extremely

important to reduce fluid retention you

see when you move around get up and walk

or exercise muscles contract and the

obligate fluids or blood live to

circulate leaving those areas where

they've been stagnated let's look at

some common example we've all had you

know to travel at some point in my lives

including air travel bus travel and most

of the times for example flight or bus

rides are too long our feet tend to

swell up and water becomes stagnated and

the best way to relieve this condition

is with movement if you're someone for

example that necessarily needs to stay

in bed due to other health conditions

try to elevate your legs to improve

circulation letting those fluids you

know be filtered through the kidneys and

be excreted the same concept of movement

and exercise is applicable to conditions

like varicose veins

además etc exercise in movement are

always helpful

number five leafy green vegetables

another very simple way to reduce fluid

retention is using leafy green


you see leafy green vegetables are foods

that are full of potassium this mineral

by itself serves an important healthy

function to the body and one of them is

kidney function potassium is a vital

mineral that plays an important role in

autonomic nervous system activation more

specifically the parasympathetic nervous

system which is the branch of the

nervous system in charge of accelerating

kidney and intestinal function if you

want to use leafy green vegetables I

suggest you

you can combine lettuce kale and celery

they're all helpful one very important

ingredient you can use that not many

people know about is mint mint has a

powerful diuretic effect that helps you

eliminate excess fluids in the body

other foods that are high in potassium

include bananas avocados and kale number


cranberry juice cranberry has become an

incredibly popular in the past couple of

years because it has the ability of

maintaining a healthy kidney function

and at the same time act as a home

remedy for urinary tract infections

cranberry contains a specific compound

that prevents bacteria from attaching to

the inner surface of the urinary tract

of the bladder and this is a reason why

many health professionals recommend

drinking one to two glasses of pure

unsweetened cranberry juice a day for

the Prevention of urinary tract

infections and therefore also with those

posterior water retentions cranberry can

also be taken in concentrated capsule

form if you need a quality form that

contains cranberry extract and d-mannose

which is another important natural

substance for kidney function look for

de berry at doctor land over comm number

seven parsley parsley is one of those

herbs that has you know has been said to

be good for kidney function the problem

is that no one has been able to confirm

this until recently in 2002 of the

Journal of ethno pharmacology published

a study confirmed that parsley was

indeed a diuretic which could be safely

used as has been claimed four years in

folk medicine literature in the

experiments rats were given parsley seed

tea to drink over a 24-hour period and

these rats had an increased urinary

volume scientists believed that parsley

works as a diuretic do the mechanism of

plant that blocks our reabsorption with

sodium and this causes more water flow

out of your kidneys promoting a greater

urine a volume if you want to use

parsley for water retention

I suggest you juice on it together with

some mint tea you'll see how you start

to lose water in no time both of these

perform as diuretics number eight horse

tail horseshoe is a natural diuretic

that improves peripheral edema without

causing the electrolyte imbalances that

conventional medication

does peripheral edema is a condition

where your tissues fill up with water

due to fluid retention this may be

caused by kidney or heart insufficiency

on obviously several other causes Horse

Hill helps treat that condition by

improving water excretion and it's very

effective a double-blind clinical trial

published in 2014 in the Journal of

evidence-based complementary and

alternative medicine had volunteers take

a dose of 900 milligrams of horse horse

steel per day and they used a commonly

prescribed diuretic to compare this

action they found that horse chill pills

produce a diuretic effect equal to the

conventional diuretic medicine without

any significant changes in liver kidney

function only or even electrolyte

elimination and this is very important

because many conventional diuretics are

known to cause electrolyte disturbances

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