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How to remove the Restrictions/Parental lock



trap in a building yeah never giving up

on it hey guys the owner here and

welcome to my youtube channel in this

video I will show you how to get rid of

the restriction lock or parental locks

said and you may have forgotten the

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without further wasting time let's get

into this now I would like to advise

everyone who go through with this

procedure to make a full backup of your

device as this procedure will erase your

device to factory settings and all your

data shall be lost with that said let's

jump right into this we have to go to

settings right here and then locate the

parental or restrictions settings these

settings are located in the screen time

tab right below the Do Not Disturb

settings once we open them you will see

the content and privacy restrictions tab

go ahead and open the settings for those

of you this settings will be turned on

and you'll be failing to turn them off

as you forgot the password protecting

the settings so what we have to do next

is go to the touch ID and passcode

settings scroll all the way to the

bottom make sure you know your iCloud

password as it is needed at the end of

this video once at the bottom turned a

turn on the erased data now what this

does is after inputting wrong password

code for wrong passcode 10 times your

device who said to erase itself as a

security feature now do not be afraid as

this is good for us go ahead and turn it

on the local device and input the wrong

passcode and two or ten attempts are

exhausted please note this would take

some time as there is a security feature

which adds which gives the user time to

try again once completed your device

will reset itself and you then be asked

to input the iCloud account

once done the restrictions and parental

settings would have been disabled and

can now use your device freely with no

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