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How to Remove Your CDL Class A License Restrictions - Driving Academy

hey it's Jonathan the founder of Driving

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about what kind of restrictions you can

have on your CEO and how to avoid them

and why you should avoid them we help

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so what was that that's right

restrictions on your license so we

recently had somebody to give us a call

and said hey we I have a class a license

but I have a restriction right-hand

drive a trailer and we were like well

that's kind of silly how does that even

work so after doing some research what

we found that is that there is an actual

restriction on your license where if you

take the road test with a combination

vehicle which in most cases means like a

pickup truck or like a dump truck and

maybe a tag-along trailer something that

looks like this and usually if you take

that that is considered a Class A right

because you have a combination vehicle

that tractor itself and the trailer

weighs more than 26,000 and the trailer

is gonna weigh more than 10,000 but the

connection here is done by a pintle hook

instead of a fifth wheel so this right

here is what a pintle hook looks like so

if you take the test and a vehicle that

is considered a Class A but you take it

with a pintle hook that means you're

gonna have what they call a fifth wheel

restriction which means it will not

allow you to drive tractor trailers even

though you have a CDL Class A license

for those people who don't know what a

fifth wheel is it's this piece right

over here

it's what actually connects the tractor

to the trailer when it comes to getting

yourself a CDL Class A so unless you are

going to be driving only dump trucks and

you know for the rest of your life they

no possible reason where you've gonna be

driving tractor trailer then it's okay

to take the test and fit the hook but if

you're like me and I don't know what I'm

gonna be doing tomorrow little

five to ten years from now why restrict

yourself doing something like that so if

you have yourself a pintle hook

restriction on your actual CDL license

the only way to remove that is you're

gonna have to go to DMV get yourself

another permit you don't have to take

any written test but you're gonna have

to take the whole go test all over again

just to remove it so now just because

you want to remove one simple thing on

four license you're gonna have to go

through this painful two and a half hour

long road test process all over again

and that's something that I would not

recommend do it so another restriction

that we see all the time is people come

in here with an automatic restriction

under license now I'm not sure if you're

aware or not but if you take the test

and an automatic vehicle that means you

will have a restriction where you cannot

drive a manual transmission vehicle when

it comes to CDL itself right so if you

took the test in an automatic which

happens a lot and you want to come back

and remove that restriction off of the

license what you're gonna have to do is

you're gonna have to go back to DMV get

yourself another permit again you don't

have to take any written test but the

beauty of the beauty of it is you just

have to take the road portion of the

road test itself so it's not like you

have to go through the whole process all

over again

you're gonna have to take the actual

Road portion itself alright so those are

the main two restrictions that we want

to avoid when you are thinking about

getting a CDL license and again if this

is something that you are and in

doing I want you to give us a call 9 0 8

5 2 5 3 6 0 9 we'll walk you through the

whole process so you don't have any

silly restrictions that you don't even

know about that's gonna restrict you

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