get rid

Household product safely cures drug resistant head lice

one of the most popular methods for

getting rid of these resistant or mutant

lice has been using the cetaphil method

beautiful skin cleanser has been shown

to actually suffocate the lice is how it

actually works applied the cetaphil skin

cleanser to the dry scalp until the

scalp is thoroughly saturated and wet

and then blow drying with a hair dryer

the hair until it is completely dry and

then not rinsing the hair off for a

period of at least eight hours or more

because the lice can actually go for up

to eight hours without taking a breath

over a total of three weeks you get the

three treatments and that's due to the

life cycle of the louse itself there's

one particular study we from 2004 which

showed a between 96 to 97 percent

success rate at completely eliminating

the head lice