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How To Go Natural WITHOUT doing the BIG CHOP in 4 Easy Steps!

now this is a story all about how my

life got better so one out maxin relaxin

all cool and all shootin some b-ball

outside of the hole if anything I'm a

physicist chat with Maricopa which is

hey guys it's Chad and today I'm going

to be shared with you how to go natural

and four simple steps now Before we jump

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now this video is for people who want to

go natural but they don't want to do the

big child's they don't want to top it

all off they don't want to rock the CWA

they just want to skip that whole

process so I've ever wanted to make this

video because a lot of people email me

at DM me and tell me that they want to

go natural but they're scared to do the

big job or they're not comfortable

during the big test and that's

completely understandable so cutting

your hair to some people is a really big

deal and not everyone is comfortable

walking the PWS I mean me personally I'm

just super happy so I don't mind a

little snip snip here and there might

take it too far end up balls but

whatever to me it's just hair but to

other people they take it really

seriously and that's perfectly okay so I

hope that this video helped you guys and

we're just going to get started so tip

number one in my opinion is the most

obvious and it's to stop relaxing your

hair now you have to stop completely

doable it affects arises you don't need

to relax your edges do not look at that

touch-up leave the relaxer alone

completely number two you need to avoid

heat at all cost

now there's some of you out there that's

transitioning to natural and you're

wearing weaves which is cool no problem

I had no problem sweetie but if you

learn those leaves and you don't have a

closure and you're over there flat on in

that leave out you need to stop

you definitely want to stop putting heat

on your hair if you're constantly

putting heat in your hair you may end up

getting heat damage which is going to

make your hair permanently straight and

that's what you're trying to avoid so

you definitely want to put down all of

those different heat pools that means

the low tire no flat iron curling iron

straightening calls yes yes I say

straight this off put down all of the

tools step away step away from the heat

tools okay so I know I told you you

can't relax your head you can't put heat

on it so like what can you do with your

hair now that you're transitioning well

that brings me to number three I want

protective style alone manipulation

style I do have a video sharing with you

guys some low manipulation styles and

protective styles so you can click the

link up in the car down in the

description box whatever you prefer well

you definitely want to check out those

types of styles protection style alone

to keep your hair Tufts away while

you're growing it out and you don't have

to go through the pain and hassle of

trying to blow those two textures

together because that can be a pain

trust me

so you can either solid like braids and

wig and that can allow you to transition

very smoothly you don't have to worry

about anything

blending none of that so definitely try

that if you're not into protective

styling you can definitely try out those

manipulation styles which it sounds like

braid outs plus I was paranoid sets

rolling sets things of that nature those

types of styles will help you to blend

those textures together I know that when

I was transitioning I stayed perm rods

that a lot of people thought I was

already natural and I was like no girl

I'm faking it until I get there and I

really like that style because I could

get the same look while I was

transitioning so yes you're

transitioning you're definitely going to

want to find styles where you don't have

to actually apply heat so protective

cells and bone manipulation cells are a

month last but not least number four

you're going to want to trim your hair

now not so the bells on a big child or

major cut you're going to want to trim

as much or as little as you'd like

depending on how long you want to

transition but that's totally up to you

so while you're doing the low

manipulation styles and other types of

cells you can trim your hair every so

often until it gets to the

that website you're the most comfortable

with depending on how long you want your

natural hair will determine how long you

transition for it depends on if you want

your natural hair to come down to your

shoulders your ears

definitely whatever you're the most

comfortable with just make sure that you

do it when you're comfortable when

you're ready because I do also get a lot

of emails where people will tell me that

they did the big child and now they

don't feel confident or they don't feel

comfortable wearing their hair out while

their hair is still short so I don't

want it to be a thing where you guys

regret it

so make sure that you take your time and

let your hair grow out while you're

doing these moment if you like

themselves can protect themselves and

you can just trim every so often as

little or as much as you want

so it'll be up to you but the most

important thing is to do it when you're

ready see that I hope you all and rate

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