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How do you treat reflux in a baby?

reflux can be treated if it's just a

pair of reflux without causing any

problem then it can be treated by

burping the child very well after feeds

giving them a small frequent feeds

throughout the day and also sleeping

them at an angle the head in tilted a

little bit up to keep the milk is in

stay in the stomach the reflux starts to

become a problem then we call a gastro

esophageal reflux disease or Gio Rd in

short in which the child is very

irritable is throwing up after every

feed and is not gaining weight because

it's so painful they do not want to

drink any more milk that can has to be

treated by a specialist and the ways to

treat is if you're if the mom is

breastfeeding then we give them feed

thickness which thicken the milk and the

milk stays in the stomach without coming

back up there are a couple of

medications will stop the acid

production in the stomach like rendered

Dean or Anup resolve which can also help

if the symptoms are severe the third

type of medication is called domme

perdón which makes the milk go down

quickly from the stomach so that it does

not come back up these are the ways

reflux can be treated but if none of

them help and sometimes surgery has to

be done to help with the sphincter to

tighten the sphincter