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How To Get Rid of Acne FAST! (Guaranteed Clearer Skin)

why does my forehead look bigger than

usual today that just me

probably hello everyone it's Jen and

today I'm gonna be showing you guys how

to get rid of acne super quickly as you

guys know I used to have terrible acne

if you watched my how I permanently got

rid of my acne video and even though I

have cleared up my skin for the most

part I do get the occasional zit every

now and then I'm actually breaking out

right now but you can't see cuz I have

good lighting in my room and I don't

know about you guys but for me I get

like the worst zits at the worst

possible time like last year for my

senior prom I had this huge asset on my

forehead like right there and then there

was another time that I was going on a

date with this really cute guy and I had

one right above my lip how

disgusting is that like obviously this

guy isn't gonna want to kiss me if I got

is it above my lip it's just uh oh it's

so frustrating I don't know why my skin

decides to do this to me at the worst

possible times but in the course of the

past year I have discovered home

remedies natural remedies on how to not

exactly get rid of a zit completely in

like a day because that's just that's

unrealistic but in a day you can reduce

the size and get rid of the redness and

basically make it look a lot less

noticeable and who knows some of these

remedies might even get rid of your zits

completely there are some remedies in

here that have completely gone rid of my

zit overnight and I'm gonna be showing

you guys what those are and how to do

that and get clear skin again yeah let's

let's get started so the first thing you

want to do before even try out the other

remedies is you want to open up your

pores so that these ingredients can seep

into your skin and help and by doing

that you want to steam your face by

steaming your face again you're opening

up the pores letting in all the goodness

and letting out all the badness

basically that's the best way I can put

it I usually use all these remedies

after I get out of the shower just

because it's like more convenient easier

what you can do is you can take a sink

which you should have in your house or

you could take a boiling pot and boil

hot water in it or

hot water in your sink and then once

it's hot enough and you know you see

steam coming up you put your face above

that sink or that boiling pot and you

just let your face sit there for like 20

seconds maybe and doing that will open

up your pores and you can actually feel

your pores opening up when you do that

so after you finish steaming your face

here are some things that you can do now

the first thing you can do this is what

I do like immediately when I see is it

is I put ice on that baby you can think

of it as like when you hit your head on

something and starts to form a bump what

do you do you get an ice pack so you can

compress the swelling this and make it

go down it's literally the exact same

concept burns it doing this will also

not only bring down the swelling but it

will contract the blood vessels in your

zit so it'll reduce the redness getting

rid of the redness so essentially it's

just like making the zit smaller and not

red anymore which obviously makes it

less noticeable a lot less noticeable so

what you want to do is just take a

normal ice cube if you have one which

you should and then I usually just take

like a paper towel or a napkin and I put

that ice cube in it and then I wrap it

up I kind of just let it sit there for a

few seconds so that it can like actually

get cold and you can actually feel the

coldness and then once I'm done doing

that I'll just pick is it I actually

have one like right above my lip so I'm

gonna put it on that zit for I usually

do it for like ten minutes which is it

sounds like a long time but it works for

me so go go do that

the next thing you can do and this is

actually something that my grandmother

taught me because she used to be a cause

cause cosmic glow it's not cosmologists

those are the people that study stars

right cosmetologist that's it and she

told me that applying toothpaste to your

face will get rid of your zit she told

me that using toothpaste on as it will

help get rid of it overnight and I tried

it out one night I had a really big zit

somewhere on my face I put it on and the

next morning it wasn't completely gone

but it had shrunk so much and it looked

it looked like it was pretty much almost

gone but like I'm a perfectionist and

like I look at details a lot so I'm like

oh it's still there but like honestly

you couldn't even see it so basically

what you want to do this is something

that you kind of want to use while

you're sleeping and also let me mention

this it's best to use any acne product

or any natural at home remedies when

you're asleep because when you're

sleeping at night your skin is repairing

itself so that's why it's the best time

to use any of these acne products or

treatments that's why when you buy most

trop tropical topical treatments they

say like overnight where when you're

asleep over night cream blah blah blah

because you know that's obviously why

all you want to do is just take some

toothpaste you don't want too much oh

that's that's too much and you kind of

just want to put it on is it I have one

right between my eyebrows which you

can't see or maybe you can I don't

really know and you just dab it on like

so and you want to leave it on overnight

is it basically like dries out the zit

because what you're trying to do here is

make your zits dry because the cause for

acne is oil if your face is producing

too much oil you don't want that oil so

you're trying to dry out the zits to

completely get rid of them and also you

don't want to do this too much because

it can irritate the skin because

toothpaste is a strong contraption and

it can definitely irritate your skin if

you're like me and you have sensitive

skin so don't use this like every day

only when needed but um yeah that's that

the next thing you can do which is

probably one of the best things you can

do is use benzoyl peroxide and this

is the main key ingredient for all

athlete's Reitmans

benzoyl peroxides like the mother of

acne treatments in a whole

basically this kind of works the same

way as toothpaste is it dries out your

zit it just basically gets rid of the

zip by reducing the amount of bacteria

and oil produced on your face that is

causing that zit to be on your face you

can literally find benzoyl peroxide in

any drugstore because it's in literally

like all the acne treatments I got this

at Target I've also seen it at like CVS

and Rite Aid and basically any drugstore

you can go to it is the Neutrogena rapid

clear stubborn acne spot gel which is

perfect for me because I have very

stubborn skin and very stubborn acne

basically this works the exact same way

as toothpaste just want to take a little

bit not too much you just want enough to

like cover a zit that's why it's called

a spa treatment you don't want to put

like a whole patch on your face so let

me find another zone it is because I

always have multiple zits on my face

let's be honest people okay so again

this basically just works the exact same

way as the toothpaste preferably leave

it on overnight this says this says to

leave out overnight this says it reduces

the size and redness in just two hours

I don't believe products that say that

they get rid of a zit in like 20 minutes

or like four hours it takes at least

like 12 hours for something like this or

any remedies like this to get rid of

this it like honestly

um but yeah it does it still does work

pretty well I've been using this for

like a year now and it definitely helps

a lot so literally not just this but any

topical treatment that has been zl--

peroxide in it it'll help the next thing

that you can use is ah I have a Oh foot


the next remedy you can do now this

isn't just for like little zits this is

something that you can do for your whole

face it's not just for zits but it's

also for clean

smooth feeling skin and that is tea yep

you don't drink it well you can't drink

it this is what I have to do I will put

this in obviously a cup of hot water

I'll drink it and then when I'm done

drinking it and this is nice and moist

and soiled up I take out the teabag from

the cup and I like kind of wrap it

around a little bit and I would

literally just like rub it all over my

face now drinking tea also helps your

skin but by rubbing it on your like

spreading all the antioxidants on your

skin and getting rid of all the bacteria

that is causing that acne so that's why

I usually just like to take a warm damp

tea bag and rub it all over my face that

sounds so wrong but once I'm done doing

that it not only like helps my zits but

it makes my skin in general feel like

super smooth and super cleansed and

super refreshed and rejuvenated and it's

just overall good for your skin I'm just

going to say that right now the next

thing you can use sort of similar to the

tea is to use honey honey is actually

probably one of the best natural

remedies you can do for your skin

honey pretty much works as like a

disinfectant and it gets rid of all the

microbes I guess in your oil glands and

it also helps to speed up the healing

process of anything so like your this

which means that it gets smaller because

it's healing so honey is really really

good for that basically what you do same

exact thing is pretty much any other

topical treatment I've used in this

video is you want to just take a little

bit out squeeze it out for some reason

it's just not coming out because this is

really really old honey

but I just want to take a little bit or

as much as you can just put on your

finger and then put it literally just on

any zit on your face and you kind of

want to leave it on for as long as you

want pretty much the next thing you can

use kind of as an alternative to benzoyl

peroxide is to use tea tree oil and I

know what you're thinking why would I

want to use oil the last thing you want

to use on your face is oil because

that's what produces acne well my

friends you have stand corrected

basically tea tree oil has like

antibacterial ingredients in it that

help reduce redness and swelling so I

mean altogether it's honestly it

basically the same and works as well as

benzoyl peroxide I got this from lush it

is the greased lightning tea tree

cleanser and it strikes the spot with

lightning precision super effective tea

tree and witch hazel gel to clean acne

prone skin and remove oil how weird is

that that oil removes oil so what I like

to do again just take a little bit on

your finger and you see that maybe

probably not and just rub it on again

any six you have so I'll put some right

here you can see some I have down here

just rub it around circle motions let it

dry and then BAM your problems are gone

now another source of oil you can use

which I do not have with me right now

unfortunately is olive oil basically

olive oil contains iron vitamins and

antioxidants now olive oil doesn't

necessarily get rid of it but it does

prevent new ones from forming because

olive oil has a lot of properties in it

that's sort of like soothe your skin and

kind of balance it out to prevent new

breakouts from forming I don't know the

science behind it that's just what I've

researched and yeah so put olive oil

basically on any troubled spots I mean

pretty much the same as the tea tree oil

and you're probably good and the last

thing you can do probably the easiest

one while you're doing all these natural

remedies is to drink a ton of water

water is the best thing you can do for

your skin people water is good obviously

water is good for a lot of things but it

is especially good for your skin to keep

a nice complexion to prevent zits to get

rid of zits to keep it smooth hydrated

and so on and so forth again you want to

drink like eight liters a day how many

liters this is this is 2.1 liters so if

I drink like four of these in a day I'd

be good and I know it seems like a lot

but honestly it is a one for you and

your skin so that's that so that is it

for this video I hope you guys enjoyed

that and I hope you guys will try out

some of these remedies and hopefully it

will help you just as much

it helped me if you enjoyed this video

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