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What Are These Bumps On My Skin? | Keratosis Pilaris | with Dr. Sandra Lee

hi guys dr. Sandra Lee here you guys

also know me as dr. pimple popper I'm

here to talk to you a little bit about

keratosis pilaris keratosis pilaris are

those bumps that you may have yourself

or you may have a friend or family

member that have them on your arms that

is the most common area to have this you

can also get them on the front of your

thighs and in particular in children and

younger people you can get them across

your cheeks it's just a condition where

your hair follicles are kind of

accentuated they're kind of sticking up

a little bit and there's a base of

redness around them and sometimes those

areas are also a little bit blotchy in

color maybe there's a little bit more

redness in the area some people call it

chicken skin or they might say it's

really bumpy and people don't like the

appearance of it keratosis pilaris is

not harmful it's not life-threatening

it's actually very common in people who

have more dry skin or more prone to skin

conditions like atopic dermatitis they

usually don't itch they usually don't

bother people people just don't like the

appearance of them well you can't cure

it some people just have it and it tends

to maybe run in families or if you you

have it when you're a youngster you kind

of have it for life I mean sometimes it

kind of burns out a little bit is less

visible but as you get older it is not

something that you should worry about

but if you do have it I can give you

tips on how to best minimize the

appearance of it the redness can be

improved with various things such as

even a little over-the-counter steroid

especially if you have some big event to

go to and you want it to be less red

that can help to minimize the redness

dermatologists can do things in their

office they can treat the area with a V

beam or a pulsed dye laser which can

help to minimize some of the redness

there the bumpiness though is also what

really bothers people so we usually

recommend keratolytic agents which are

usually like chemical peel ingredients

there's something to kind of smooth the

skin out also I really like the

Clarisonic brush in this condition

actually there is a special KP

attachment it's called keratosis pilaris

attachment a special brush that can be

use to help to smooth

skinned out more also we prescribe

topical retinoids retin-a to help with

that because that is also a catalytic

meaning that it helps to encourage

exfoliation of the skin other tips I

have is self-tanner that can help maybe

to disguise the appearance of it so all

of these things can help to improve the

feel of it and the look of it but it is

very hard to get rid of this completely

but don't worry about it I know it's

something that really might bother a lot

of you guys there's a lot of people that

have this and it's not anything to worry

about there are ways to help to hide it

as best as you can so there you have it

that's all about keratosis pilaris

I hope I answered some of your questions

it's all for the positive there are

wonderful things you can do to help to

hide this condition thank you for

watching another edition of dr. pimple

popper University if you have any

suggestions or you have any questions of

your own please add them to the comments

I'd love to take a look at them and I'll

try to answer any questions that we get

okay thank you again