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Redness On Face | Causes | Products To Get Rid of Red Skin

hey guys welcome back to your channel

today i'm talking about redness yes the

annoying red flesh look on our skin

now you've clicked on this video maybe

because you're dealing with redness

right now

even if you're not dealing with it at

the moment I'm sure you have at some

point in your life so since it's so

common I really want to make a video

about it to start off there are a few

skin concerns that associate itself to

redness so for example rosacea eczema

lupus support dermatitis acne skin

irritations in general sun exposure sun

damage all those things tend to make our

skin appear red so what do we do what

can we do how do we fix it how do we

minimize it I know a couple of really

great products that I'll share with you

today so let's get into it so the LA

roche-posay double repair face

moisturizer has really great ingredients

ceramides it's really great for the skin

as glycerin to help with hydration and


so all those ingredients are really

gonna help sort of protect your skin

repair the skin barrier help with

soothing in general they're very very

gentle ingredients the rush Posay has

you know giving me really great results

every time I used it and when I first

moved to Toronto my skin developed in

seasonal eczema so I don't usually get

things EEMA but because it was my first

year here my skin was just so shocked at

how dry the city is so the first winter

I actually developed it wasn't here it

was like on my torso and it was just

this patch of eczema and so I decided to

you know go to a pharmacy the pharmacist


la roche-posay and give it like two days

it like you can also find Bioderma at a

drugstore Bioderma there's one called

cents the bio AR cream that's really

great because it helps with that heating

sensation that a lot of flush skin

experience so it kind of gives you like

that cooling sensation but it's not like

a stinging cooling it's kind of

just like a nice soothing relieving kind

of feeling for your skin to sort of like

calm it down so that it's not as hot to

the touch and red so this product also

contains glycerin pulse choice has a

line called calm that dedicates itself

to redness it's great because it has

entire skincare line almost so has a

cleanser it has a toner serum a DHA and

moisturizers a version for normal to

oily and also normal to dry which is

amazing and other ingredients that you

can try for redness is Zoellick acid no

as they like acid is amazing because it

helps exfoliate the skin okay but it's

not like HAMB HAMB HAMB play it's your

friend because it is much more gentle

but it also does what aj can do now in

terms of like how effective when it

comes to exfoliating it's not as good as

aj you know when it comes to exfoliating

aj is still number one it's still the

top but there are benefits there's a

like acid that AJ and AJ can do as well

which is to even out your skin tone

that's what is they like ass we can do

for you so if you are dealing with

redness you do still need to exfoliate

that's why I recommend is they like acid

and it will help with the overall

complexion if you have pretty severe

acne as they like acid might not do

anything for you but if you're dealing

with just like a mild case try as a liqu

acid another product I recommend is a

sunscreen so you can look into this one

called elta MD sunscreen and basically

it's a physical sunscreen and mineral

sunscreen that contains zinc oxide and

if you are somebody who deals with

redness it's best to use a physical

sunscreen wear it

shields sunlight from your skin because

you don't want chemical sunscreen where

it kind of absorbs the heat that's gonna

make your skin even more red even more

flushed and heated so you want physical

wear it kind of acts as a barrier a zinc

oxide reflects sunlight off your skin so

that one's really great deal to MD all

the products I've talked about I'll put

information and links down in the

description box that guys can go check

it out I know some of you are like well

what is rosacea or what is lupus so

rosacea the redness concentrates on the

center of the face so usually the nose

is pretty red and bulbous the cheeks

sometimes like the entire face there's

no cure for it yet but you know

lifestyle and using the right products

and avoiding certain triggers will

definitely help with the look of rosacea

sabore ik dermatitis is found on a scalp

Sephora dermatitis does sometimes appear

on the face it can look kind of like dry

scaly and red another skin concern that

you might see redness is eggs EEMA

they're itchy patches it's like an itch

that rashes lupus is like it focuses the

redness on this part so the bridge of

the nose out to the cheeks and a lot of

times not for everyone but for many

individuals the redness looks like the

wings of a butterfly so it will actually

like look like that on the face along

with the redness you might also

experience symptoms like fatigue fever

joint pain dry eyes like fatigue fever

and then just like redness on the face

in general a lot of people might not

identify as lupus right off the bat a

key thing to identify is the redness of

looking like a butterfly on a cheeks I

hope you guys enjoy this redness video

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