get rid


hey guys how you going and it's Jess

here and today I really want to talk

about something which is actually highly

requested and that is how to reduce the

redness that you get on your face from

active acne of course I am having a

terrific breakout right now which is

perfect so I thought that this will be a

great time to show you 3 different ways

that you can reduce redness - which are

pretty much instant and one of which is

long term so the first way is to use ice

cubes the reason that ice works is

because it's something that can help to

slow down the blood circulation and

therefore it can help to reduce the

swelling all you need to do is put a

single ice cube in either a thin piece

of cloth like a tea towel or you can use

some thick paper towel this will have to

stay on your face for between 3 to 5

minutes I like to send timer so that I

know what's going on and then you just


pretty much personally I like to listen

to some music so that's what I am doing

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go follow me on insta anyway let's move

on so what do I do next

oh yeah once you take this off your face

you will see that your skin is a little

bit red because it's had that cold ice

right on it like that but it will be a

little bit smoother and the actual

inflammation of the pimple will be

reduced this next tip is a little bit of

a weird one it is using eye drops

yes eyedrops well they are used to

remove redness from your eyes and they

do a similar thing for the spots on your

face but please remember to use this tip

sparingly put a little bit of the

eyedrops onto a q-tip or a cotton tip

and then places gently on your face but

only on the spot that you need to treat

leave this on there for a couple of

minutes I ended up treating a couple of

spots on my face during this time

after a few minutes take away the q-tip

get rid of it you really don't want that

anymore and you will see that your skin

is a little bit less red around those

angry spots now while those last two

tips were something you can do in the

morning this is something you need to do

at night and that is applying aloe vera

gel aloe vera is fantastic for taking

away that inflammation and really

calming the skin it also helps with acne

scarring so that's also a concern for

you then definitely check this tip out

all you need to do is just gently

massage it into your face and you can

use this over your whole face and also

down your neck it's also excellent for

fine lines and wrinkles so you can use

this around your eyes so they are my

three main tips to reduce redness on the

face caused by acne thank you so much

for tuning in and liking this video it

means a lot to me I'll catch y'all next

Wednesday see you later now since I'm

not planning on getting Botox anytime

soon I've started to really look after

my eyes as part of my nighttime routine