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How to Get Rid of Eyebrow Waxing Burns (Tips)

so the rain watching so hi everyone

today is tits for eyebrow waxing burns

and this happens to the best of us and

it happens a lot more often than people

think and these are just some tips I

picked up from it happening to me on

multiple occasions and what I do to

treat it and if we didn't mention it

right now I have eyebrow waxing burns so

that is what inspired this video let's

jump into the video tip number one treat

the burns as if they were open cuts and

this tip I came up with because if you

treat them like they are burns you put

aloe vera on them for you no sunburn and

skin burns but aloe vera does not help

in this situation when you put out there

over the eyebrow burns cuts whatever um

it becomes a dark purple color or black

I don't know why it just happens I've

tried it before it makes the appearance

of them worse I don't know if it helps

internally but the aloe vera does not

help the physical look of the eyebrow

burns my third tip is I would say to

wash your eyebrows periodically through

the day and this one I recommend because

you don't want them to get infected and

then to continue to be red and irritated

washing your face with some Dove soap

would work fine and keeping your cuts

clean and infection free tip number four

I put Neosporin on my eyebrow burns

right before I go to bed and while I

sleep the neosporin doesn't stuff and

depending on how bad the burn is they go

away in about four days fifth tip do not

do not put any makeup on the burns

you'll be tempted to try and cover them

up when you go out of your house and go

places and but don't do it don't do it

don't do it don't do it don't do it it's

going to be very tempting you don't want

to do it but along with what I said for

washing your eyebrow burns the same

thing applies the makeup if you put

makeup on it the bacteria and then

a cup could cause an infection in the

skin and also when you remove the makeup

from said area you could also irritate

it by all the rubbing and you don't want

to do that either so tip number six is

that you want to try not to touch your

face that much or touch them in general

because again that could cause infection

and you want to stay away from infection

tip number seven is to try and avoid

putting band-aids on your burn slash

cuts because again you don't want to

cover them up and the band-aid will

prevent the cut from scabbing over which

is exactly what you want to happen in

order for to heal so thank you for

watching this video I hope it helped you

heal your eyebrow burns faster I hope

this works for you it works for me um

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other time this week bye