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Do You Have a Red (Flaky) Nose and Seborrheic Dermatitis? [Dermatologist Dr. Cynthia Bailey 2019]

have you wondered why sometimes the

crease of your nose is a little bit red

and sometimes has flaky bits of skin and

matter there hi I'm board certified

dermatologist and Skin wellness expert

dr. Cynthia Bailey and the crease of the

nose is a common site for seborrhoeic

dermatitis seborrhoeic dermatitis is a

skin condition that is also very common

and that we can struggle with from

cradle to grave there are times in our

life when were more prone to separate


for example the acne prone years when

the oil glands in the crease of the nose

are cranking out a bunch of oil they

also seem to invite seborrhoeic

dermatitis and so very commonly my acne

patients will be telling me about their

struggles with their acne skin problem

and in addition they ask me so why is my

nose red and why is theirs dry dry skin

in there when my face is so oily

well the flakes aren't actually dry skin

they're a manifestation of seborrheic

dermatitis a rash and the reason there

are flakes there is because seborrhoeic

dermatitis involves the areas of the

skin here the flakes occur because the

dead skin cell layer is produced very

rapidly and the skin is churning out

more than it can exfoliate invisibly

there's inflammation in the epidermal

layer here and in the dermis here this

inflammation in this layer you see as

redness we we say hyperproliferation of

dead skin cells you see us flakes in

addition all of this inflammation and

rash that is occurring here is causing a

break in the skin and you'll notice that

the skin is a little more prone to

irritation in the acne prone years

that's important because many of the

medicines we use to treat acne are a

little irritating and that will cause

the redness to show even a little bit

more the other time of life where were

really prone to seborrhoeic dermatitis

is middle-aged onward so we sometimes

get a little break in childhood and we

sometimes get a little break in our

early adult years although not always

but middle-aged onward is another time

that we manifest seborrheic dermatitis

and the other places you may see

separate dermatitis include the brows

where there's some redness and irritated

skin and flaking the sides of the nose

where again there's redness and patients

there often think that the skin is dry

but it's not dry putting moisturizers on

doesn't help and it tends to be reoccur

n't it feels dry though and then the

seborrhea travels down the crease of the

nose the nasolabial fold and down to the

chin you can have it in front of the ear

on the ear behind the ear and of course

seborrhoeic dermatitis which is also

called dandruff occurs on the scalp as

well so if you have redness and flaking

in the crease of the nose you may have

several in those other areas as well

what do you do about seborrhoeic

dermatitis in the crease of your nose

well we dermatologists use medicated

facial cleansers that we'll leave behind

a little medicated ingredient to help to

treat the seborrhea we don't know why

people get seborrhoeic dermatitis so we

don't know exactly why the remedies work

but what we typically use are anti yeast

antifungal ingredients such as

pyrithione zinc and some of my favorite

products the deliverer pyrithione zinc

to the skin our here you can use them in

a bar soap form or you can use them in a

foaming product if your skin is really

oily in addition I like using an

exfoliated facial sponge with a lather

of the bar soap or a little of the

foaming cleanser and wet the wet the

sponge wet your face and exfoliate very

gently here to help remove the scales so

that it doesn't really in addition we

find that seborrhoeic dermatitis seems

to respond to topical green tea in my

practice I've used it for years again we

don't know exactly why but green tea in

the form of a curry

can be easily applied to the facial skin

you don't need very much a tiny little

bit on the sides of the nose and that

often helps if this isn't working

there are also topical over-the-counter

products that you can use that are

medicated my favorite there would be

clothes remiz all which is an anti yeast

ingredient that treats athlete's foot

and other yeast and fungal conditions

and that can be applied to the crease of

the nose if that alone isn't working

it's time to see your dermatologist I

hope that helped explain the redness and

flakiness that we often suffer from in

the crease of our nose if you found that

helpful I appreciate a thumbs up if you

know someone who's struggling with

redness and flakiness in the crease of

their nose I appreciate you sharing the

video and if you have any questions or

if you have any great stories about what

you've found to help the redness and

flakiness and the crease of your nose

I'd love for you to share them so thank

you very much bye-bye