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hi guys welcome back to my channel my

name is Katherine if you in in here if

you're if you were a betraying

subscriber so um I know my nose pierced

a while back I think back in May like

the penis of me I got my nose pierced I

blogged it in a way and I talked about

it something that is very common with

nose piercings is that the cuboid comes

out which is a little ball that forms

around your nose piercing eye at first

not I'm not gonna lie I would mess with

it and I know this one thing that you're

not too close to but I just couldn't

help it like knowing that it was right

there I were just kind of like mess with

it and I know decided started doing a

little ball on the side so I immediately

like okay I need to find out a way to

like get rid of it so the first thing

that people told me to do was put teeth

tea tree oil so basically the tea tree

oil is like an antifungal and all these

things and it helps and it supposedly

weeks your keloid shrink so I started

applying tea tree oil and I noticed that

it kind of helped a little bit but it

wasn't really making it go away it was

just kind of like keeping it neutral

like it wasn't making it smaller I

wasn't making it any bigger it was just

kind of keeping it neutral and I started

noticing that I was burning my skin

around it like it was too strong that my

skin was kind of like it wasn't like

like it was drying out and I remember I

would keep killing it because it was

just literally like brown around it

looks gross it looked infected I don't

know if you could see like the the fog

kind of the humidify or whatever um so

it was just gross really bad I didn't

take any pictures of it throughout that

time but I'm gonna insert all the clips

and pictures that I have of any nose

piercing throughout the video so you

guys can see how I was looking so I kind

of stopped putting tea tree oil and then

as I did that I noticed that it got huge

like when I would do this I wouldn't

even be able to feel my piercing I don't

feel like I would feel the keloid and um

I don't know people don't think keloid

or keloid keloid because that's how I

pronounce it and basically I was just

kind of like okay there's something that

didn't you do like I just paid $40 I'm

not gonna take it off I want something

that's gonna work a lot of people are

recommending me to get sea salt but I

was being lazy

and every time I go to Walmart I would

forget it and I was just kind of like

okay you know putting it off putting it

off so I decided to get it because I'm

gonna be inserting this picture here if

you are grossed out or anything like


don't walk or skip but this picture

right here

that was like my final straw was like I

need something that's gonna kill me

piercing because of round a you can see

that it's red it was raw skin like

literally like nothing was helping my

killing kept bleeding and look like it

was just like like it looked infected it

was like like um leaking fluid it was

just gross it was like scabbing it was

just disgusting so I needed a way to

like to help it I don't want to take out

the piercing like I said I paid $40 plus

they say that it's not the best thing to

take off the piercing because the

infection still stays in there so

basically you're just trapping the

infection so I decided to go to the

store and get sea salt so the one I got

is this one right here and as you can

see it is more in sea salt fine

this salt does not supply I iodide a

necessery nutrient you're not supposed

to get the one that has iodine on it or

I would I so it's basically better like

no iodine and I don't know if I'm saying

that correctly but technically I got

this one and I got it at Walmart it's

pretty cheap it's like I don't know how

like less than a dollar maybe um so

basically I got this and this right here

let me tell you let me tell you it

healed my piercing like right away when

I started using it I noticed immediately

that it was like going down so I did

that and I noticed I'm here's my

freaking thing I'm not going to be less

than five minutes I'm sorry anyways but

it automatically started making it

better so what I started doing is I got

room-temperature water a little bit on

the warmer side and I plied I ported

this in and I basically like tasted it

to see if I could taste the salt and if

I did I knew it was like great I didn't

do any measurements or anything and I

started cleaning the piercing around it

every morning and every night and then

during the nighttime I would get a

cotton swab and I would just soaked my

nose with it I would like absorb some

water and as I was laying down on my

phone I would just put it on my nose

piercing and that automatically made my

piercing ten times the better it took

like about a week a little less than a

week to make it better and I literally

was so grateful I didn't think that my

piercing was gonna heal because of how


and I thought that he was gonna scab

really bad but it didn't make here

shaken looks like this now I'm gonna

give a little zoom in don't ignore my

imperfection skin but you could see that

there's no keloid like I'm gonna lift it

a little bit there's no pump there's

nothing on it and I am obviously wearing

makeup but there's no scar or anything

so if you think that your piercing is

either infected if you have a keloid use

sea salt if you want too tight try

teacher oil I mean it did work a little

bit but honestly didn't he only like I

said it just kept a neutral some people

say that it really worked for them and

some people say it didn't so for me sea


worked the best so if you have a keloid

you see salt and that is the remedy for

my piercing also I've tried toothpaste

because I saw that someone use cheese

toothpaste on their piercing and it

looked like it helped a little bit but

it wasn't really like mmm it didn't

really do nothing for mine so what

really helped my piercing was sea salt

so if you want to get your keloid fixed

you sea salt so yeah I hope you guys

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