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How I Cured My Eczema, Cheilitis, Contact Dermatitis Lip Rash Once & For All after 7 Years

Hello everyone, and welcome back to  Brooke's Beauty Bazaar. My name is Brooke,  

and in today's video i am going to tell  you guys about the lip rash that almost  

ruined my life, and how I  finally healed it completely!

this video is not going to be a quick fix.  there is no magical cream that i am going to  

recommend to you guys. instead, i can tell you  with complete confidence that if you actually  

take the advice that i'm going to offer you in  this video - you are going to start seeing results  

with your lip rash immediately. so i'm going to  go ahead and put up some pictures right now on  

the screen and you guys can start checking out  just how nasty this rash used to be on my lip.  

i had this rash for years. i want to say it  probably was developed around seven years ago,  

and i only cleared it within this last year.  so if you guys are looking at these right now  

you're probably ready to jump on that comment  section and diagnose me with eczema psoriasis  

contact dermatitis perioral dermatitis colitis any  number of different little rashes that can show up  

on your lip area and your face and i am not going  to disagree with you guys. i definitely think that  

it was either a combination of those things or  one of those things specifically, and if you are  

currently suffering with a lip rash as severe  is the one that i just showed you guys you're  

probably scouring the internet right now searching  for any number of ways to heal this problem so  

you've probably been fooled into buying expensive  creams you should comment below right now and like  

this video if you guys too have been fooled into  trying to treat it with elizabeth arden eight hour  

cream la roche posay psychoplast cream cortisone  any kind of steroid cream aquaphor was a huge one  

that got recommended to me didn't do anything and  so then from there i started to go into like well  

maybe i need to take a more natural approach so  you guys i started putting plain old-fashioned raw  

coconut oil onto my lip directly every single day  multiple times a day and the problem just exploded  

and got way way worse and then from there when  that didn't work i was like let me try another  

natural method so i was brewing green tea bags and  then taking the actual tea bags and laying them  

on my lips for like 30 minutes at a time to see if  it could heal it it was just there were no answers  

nothing ever worked for me and there were no  shortage of silly solutions that were causing me  

more headaches i even went as far as to change all  my lipsticks to natural products so i used a lot  

of bite beauty back in the day i would go to earth  fare in health food stores and try to pick up any  

natural lipsticks that they had on hand and just  to no avail i could not get rid of this problem  

and that did not change until i one day on the  internet stumbled across something called fungal  

acne now if i'm about to lose you i want you to  hold on watch for a couple more minutes because  

fungal acne is not necessarily going to mean  that you have a face full of breakouts all over  

and you're looking crazy in fact fungal acne is  not true acne at all it's actually just a rash  

caused by a fungus called malassezia furfer that  lives on your skin and if you're suffering from  

this you might not even have the little bumps  on your skin that little yeast is also the nasty  

little burger responsible for eczema psoriasis  contact dermatitis boric dermatitis you name it  

and that my friends is where the answer lies  so are you guys ready for the big secret that  

is going to take this scaly flaky disgusting rash  off of your lip once and for all drum roll please  

the only thing you have to do is to quit using  products that contain ingredients that feed the  

malassezia burper yeast it is literally that  simple i know that i said that it was really  

simple and you're probably thinking in your mind  oh my gosh how would i ever manage figuring out  

which ingredients are causing me the problems well  i'm going to answer that for you as well by giving  

you three steps right now that you can take today  to start working on this problem and make sure  

you guys stay tuned to the very end because at  the end as a bonus i'm also going to share with  

you guys a couple of my favorite lipsticks that  actually will not irritate this problem for you  

so the very first step is that you need to keep  an open mind and be ready for some big change  

in your life you're gonna have to break up with  a lot of your products and i understand because  

i was in the same boat you have spent hundreds  if not thousands of dollars on these products  

in fact if you guys want to right now you can  check out the video that i'm gonna link here  

which is me going through all my products to find  out just how harmful they were and also how much  

money i wasted on products that were ruining my  skin so the second step is the most practical  

step and you can start doing this right now  all you need to do to check your ingredients is  

actually go to one of these handy-dandy websites  that some beautiful creatures out there in this  

world created for us so is my personal  favorite and all you need to do to use it is go  

and grab a list of the ingredients and copy it and  paste it into their fact checker and it is going  

to give you a list of all the harmful ingredients  in that product if it doesn't contain any it comes  

back clear however as a side note these things  are not without error so make sure that you guys  

read the instructions of how to input the  information properly you have to have commas and  

specific formatting to make sure that it checks  every ingredient just perfectly if you don't want  

to go through all the trouble of fact checking  your products and you just want to find out what  

products you actually can use right now i've got  you covered as well all you need to do is click  

the link in the down bar below and it'll take you  to a place where you can download my free shopping  

list for both walmart and target and those  lists contain both skincare and makeup products  

that are completely fungal acne safe so you can  get started on your journey as soon as possible  

step three is the easiest concept but it's often  the hardest one to do you actually need to commit  

to this process commit to using products that are  completely safe for your skin commit to getting  

rid of those old products if you don't want to  throw them in the trash give them to a friend  

who doesn't have this problem there is no harm in  doing that i can promise you guys that when you  

start seeing results within just a couple of days  you're not going to be missing that nars sheer  

glow foundation or any of the products that no  longer work for your skin and for the first time  

in your life you're actually going to be using  products that do what they say they're supposed to  

and your skin is going to act the way it's  supposed to because it's so much healthier  

alright so if you have made it to this point  great job i am now going to share my lipstick  

recommendations as promised all right so the first  product that i have for you guys is the maybelline  

new york super stay matte ink liquid lip they  look like this and these are the most affordable  

and versatile products out there they are a matte  lipstick they go on with such ease and they have  

so many color options in fact these are just six  of the colors that i have right here and they also  

come out with new collections pretty frequently  and then the second product that i have to share  

with you guys are the flesh beauty liquid matte  lipsticks and i will link exactly which ones they  

are below i can't remember the name because they  name everything a little bit differently around  

there but this red one is the color brazen and  this pinky nude color is the color bluff this red  

color brazen is my all-time favorite red i  literally wear it in all seasons it truly  

is universally flattering on all skin tones  and i just can't get enough so if you want  

to know more about fungal acne safe makeup i'm  going to link a couple of my videos right now  

for you and you can also check out all my posts on i have tons more resources  

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