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Remove Google Chrome Redirect Virus | Fix Internet Security Settings Trouble


hello everyone how are you doing

this is Andy tech here with another

quick tutorial in today's Twellman show

you guys how to remove unwanted ads and

pop-ups and redirects in the Google

Chrome web browser so if your browser

has been compromised in today's format

you guys had a reset it now this will

delete any extensions and bookmarks you

have when you account unless you're

currently synced with your user account

so if using an email to sign in it

should be able to automatically sync

everything up however you might not have

that ability so you just want to go and

select the menu icon and then select

more tools and extensions you can see a

list of extensions all over here so you

might want to take note of what they are

before you go ahead and clear everything

out so once you have Google Chrome open

you want to go and select the menu icon

your top right corner the browser screen

select settings scroll down to the

bottom where it says advanced and expand

that scroll down again and then

underneath reset and clean up you have a

couple options here to clean up your

computer which will run a virus scan or

you can also reset settings to their

original defaults if you're having this

problem specifically with Chrome I would

suggest selecting the restore settings

their original defaults here and like I

said this will reset your start page new

tab page search engine PIN tabs and also

disable all extensions and clear

temporary data like cookies your

bookmarks history and say passwords will

not be cleared so that's a little bit

different you can discount what I said

about removing bookmarks so not quite as

bad and then you can go saw three said

settings also would suggest considering

cleaning up your computer surrounding

the scan when you're done might as well

doesn't really harm anything so this

would actually go ahead and just scan

your computer for any harmful software

just an interesting built-in feature

that came out with Chrome in the past

few doors down so you just sort of let

it run hopefully we wouldn't be able to

detect anything

and if it did find anything you could

just remove it or choose not to remove

it it's a pretty straightforward and

intuitive process so as always thank you

guys for watching this brief tutorial do

hope I was able help you out and I do

look forward to catching you all in the

next tutorial goodbye