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How do I get rid of the orange/red circle of veins in my eye? - Dr. Sriram Ramalingam


hello I am dr. Sriram ramalingam

cataract refractive glaucoma screen

surgeon I am a medical director at Prezi

and Italia located our T Nagar Bangalore

the orange or pink lines around my eyes

are basically prominent blood vessels

they can be normal in many people but

occasionally this may be a sign of

allergic the allergy may be because of

dust pollution one cannot avoid allergy

or one cannot avoid exposure to dust

pollution but one can do certain

preventive methods of avoiding them

always wear a full helmet if you are

driving or two-wheeler always wear

protective glasses if you are going in a

dusty environment and as soon as you

come from outside wash your hands with

clean soap and water and wash your face

and your eyes with pure water maybe I

suggest even a drinking water these

steps can avoid the eye getting red or

pink and red versus getting prominent if

the redness persist even after following

this one can try what is called as cold

compresses the para thin ice or take the

ice cubes not cloth and keep it on to

the eye this may decrease the allergy

and decrease the redness if these

methods fail then kindly consultin of

terminologies he may put you on some

medication kindly do not self-medicate

for these conditions