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How to Tone Brassy / Reddish Brown Hair

hey everyone welcome back to my channel

in today's video I have a solution for a

very common brunette problem so I get

told all the time that I give a lot of

suggestions and tips for blondes but I

do get plenty of brunette clients at the

salon and I am constantly asked how to

get rid of warm tones and even red tones

from brown hair and I've made many

videos explaining how to remove frass

from blonde hair but obviously I've

never really touched on the subject on

how to remove really stubborn red tones

from brown hair and until recently the

only way to fix that problem would be to

correct it in a salon going darker or

doing a correct all kind of atoning

slash semi-permanent color at the salon

but what I want to show you today is how

you can achieve this at home with

absolutely no skill simply just a

shampoo so you guys have heard me speak

about eastland millions and millions of

times I also have before talked about

the tinted love enhancing color

treatment shampoo and I showed you how

to get these fun vibrant colors by

leaving these products and for a little

bit longer then you would use as a

toning shampoo but they now have a

corrective toning shampoo for brunettes

which is this very very exciting line so

they have the red neutralizer which is

the one I'm going to show you and talked

about mostly today they have the light

brown so that's if you have very very

light brown hair and you want to get rid

of those kind of extreme reddish and

orangie tones but you still want it to

be light that's what this one's for the

dark brown and this is for those of you

that maybe went from blonde to brunette

and you know the color just keeps fading

and you want to keep that rich fullness

of your color so this will definitely

add a ton of richness and a ton of color

back to your hair and preventing it from

fading so the one I want to talk about

today is the red neutralizer and that's

because this is what's going to help

most brunettes 90% of brunettes that

don't like the shade of

would benefit from this one now I want

to explain this isn't to change the

level of your hair so if I'm gonna make

it lighter and it's not going to make it


sometimes toner can make it appear

slightly darker or slightly lighter but

all it's doing it is staining it with

the opposite color that it needs in

order to balance out the color so here

is the example I have for you guys today

so obviously this is the tone side as

you can see it's still very

multi-dimensional it's a very rich

brunette but it's very cool so you can

see when the light hits it you

definitely see brightness of it but

there's no warm tones and that's what

this product is going to do this is the

before side and as you can see she is

not a good example for this product

because she has lots of blond and kind

of light pieces in her hair now

obviously if you with this light I would

probably go in with the light brown but

I wanted to show you just how much gold

and oranjee and reddish tone cancelling

this product has so that's why I went in

with the red and neutralizer so as you

can see even from the top this color

isn't in any way darker it's just

removing all of those gold tones so

because this side has so many gold tones

gold tones actually make your hair look

really light and again doll head hair is

never you know as good as human hair

it's always been really treated really

processed a lot of heat damaged to it

like I said the one I used on her is the

red and neutralizer and all I did was

dampen the hair a little bit apply the

product generously to the hair and just

lather through the hair the beauty of it

being a shampoo toner is that it's so

easy to apply it ensures that you evenly

saturate the hair and really just coat

every single strand with the same amount

of product I would leave it the first

time maybe three to four minutes or

rinse it out you can always do more so

the beauty with this too is if you like

that color it's not going to go anywhere

because you can just use a little bit

every time you shampoo your hair just as


purple shampoo is to blonds it's a

maintenance that's why they made it a

shampoo so it's not an added step so I

think the most exciting thing about a

product like this is not like oh I do

this color once it looks beautiful for a

week and then it fades the beauty with

this is that you can continue to do it

and you doesn't even feel like an added

step because you're going to be

shampooing your hair anyway and as you

know a salon is so good to us that you

can get all of these products at 50% off

also if you want to end up trying other

products because they have amazing hair

styling products nap shampoo and

conditioner if you end up buying three

products you get three for $15 which is

an absolute crazy deal because these are

all salon quality products alright guys

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