get rid

Red Thread & How Best to Control it

hi my name is James Grundy I'm a

Technical Manager at pitch care I'm just

here on a Cricket Square this afternoon

and I found some examples of some red

thread disease now red thread disease is

a fairly superficial thing it tends to

just affect the actual leaf tissue

itself doesn't really affect the crown

of the plant the growing points at the

base like a disease such as Fusarium

patch or macro notion ivali might do

however can be slightly unsightly and

it's something that really we can help

to grow out so let's take a little look

at the disease and I'll talk about a

couple of products and a couple of

options you can put on for it so here we

have it a really nice obvious patch of

red thread disease within this cricket

wicket you should be able to see sort of

fungal hyphae these little red threads

that are sticking out 90 degrees from

the main direction of the leaf

that's the telltale sign that you've got

red thread the best way to treat it is

going to be to try and grow it out with

some nitrogen either something like the

3700 within the green solutions range or

the Maxwell sole control 26 0:26 both of

those products have got quite a lot of

available nitrogen that will quickly and

readily get into the plant and get your

sward moving furthermore always the

advantage with soluble or liquid

applications is that you can really play

around with your application rates so

you can put on just as much as you need

to get a result without having to force

too much rich lost growth that you've

then got to try and keep on top of with

your mower